purple carrot juiceAccording to the latest breakthroughs in Australia on the health properties of the purple carrots juice, the answer to this question may be a resounding yes. The studies are still preliminary but the results are VERY exciting.

Purple carrot juice is both delicious and nutritious

and we’re a little surprised it’s taken this long for someone to pay attention, especially given the frantic search these days for new ‘magic formulas’ to market
. Far from magical but indeed very promising, the purple carrot is very similar to orange carrots but, as you may have guessed, purple in color, a long-forgotten vegetable which fell out of favor, according to lore, simply because it was not fashionable. Orange carrots became all the rage a century ago and purple carrots rather fell off the radar, so to speak.

Someone has finally begun exploring the health benefits of the purple carrot, however, and at first blush they seem almost astounding. The high anthocyanin content which gives it its color is part of a group of nutrients called flavonoids or polyphenols, which have powerful antioxidant properties. Aside from the possibilities for curing or preventing cancer, epidemiologic research has also found links to the intake of flavonoids and resistance to cardiovascular disease. According to experts, the tap-root of this vegetable is a rich source of many different nutrients, including, as with orange carrots, the precursor to beta-carotene, an important nutrient in fighting a variety of health problems.
It is being said that purple carrots offer many more benefits than orange carrots and possibly far higher concentrations of many powerful anti-cancer properties than most other fruits and vegetables. When mixed with concentrated Shiraz grape juice, the powerful punch of the purple carrot anti-oxidants and vitamins with the tannins and resveratrol of the grapes and skins is a strong elixir for health.

Dr. Red Neutraceuticals’ Olevine product contains both concentrated purple carrot juice and shiraz grape juice. It is quite expensive, so if you can get it at a bulk or discounted rate, all the better. You will likely find this Australian product hitting the shelves in Europe and North America more commonly as the benefits become more widely known. Extremely high in anti-oxidants (known to help in the prevention of cancer by scavenging cell-damaging free radicals), this particular brand is also fortified with olive leaf and extra red grape extracts.

Here are various uses of purple carrot juice and recipes and the striking color of purple carrots contributes a lot to these uses. Due to the deep hues of purple carrots, you can easily use them in various recipes for giving a deeper taste and a different color. Apart from the use of purple carrots in recipes, you can easily go for purple carrot juice for utilizing all the health benefits of this amazing species of carrots. Purple carrots nutrition facts are quite amazing and you would be surprised to find that purple carrots are known to reduce the risk of health problems like heart troubles, cancer etc. If you have only encountered orange carrots till now, you need to know a bit about the purple carrots too.

The purple carrot history is as rich as the color of the carrot itself and surprisingly, purple carrots are known to exist in nature since a long time, even before the orange carrots. Purple carrots were used by Egyptians for a variety of purposes. Regarded as a respected element, purple carrots found their way into special king’s gardens and nurseries. Also, they were clearly mentioned in various temple paintings and images. Coming to recent history, you would find that purple carrots were quite common in Afghanistan and Northern Iran. The Afghan royalty used to have purple colored clothes, manufactured through the dyes made by purple carrots. Recently, purple carrots have been an object of extensive research and most of these researches have concentrated on the health benefits of purple carrots. After various tests and applications on lab rats, scientists have been able to find that purple carrots reduce heart problems, regulate blood pressure, normalize the liver and control glucose intolerance. There are some amazing purple carrots recipes which can be made for utilizing the health benefits of purple factors.

The purple carrots are the most amazing species in the carrot family and there are various health benefits of purple carrots. The purple carrots wiki says that the deep color of purple carrots is due to the presence of higher amounts of beta carotene. The presence of this pigment is due to anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants which can be really helpful for your body. A good amount of these antioxidants is present in the purple carrots and consuming purple carrot juice regularly can help you reduce the risk of various health problems. There have been various studies related to the nutritional benefits of carrots and purple carrots have been a hot favorite in these researches. Amazing nutrition facts have come out of these researches and they proclaim that purple carrot juice is the healthiest that you can have.

There have been several researches and one of them is an Australian study which says that purple carrots pack in around 28 times the anthocyanins than the orange carrots. This high amount of anthocyanins is the reason behind the purple pigmentation of the carrot and the health benefits of the carrots. Through these anthocyanins, purple carrots can be used to avoid heart and health related problems. This has been made evident in a study which was conducted on some lab rats. These lab rats were subject to an unhealthy diet for 16 weeks till they started suffering from high blood pressure, obesity and glucose intolerance. Heart and liver damage was unavoidable and the rats were in a very poor condition. After including the purple carrot juice in their diet, scientists noticed a huge improvement which was quite shocking. The blood pressure came under control, there was improvement in heart and liver and the body regained its health. Purple carrot juice had caused this amazing improvement and this further established the health benefits of carrots

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