tips to help you find the right adoption agency

When it comes to adoption, it pays to use the services of an agency that is experienced and has the expertise required to help you from start to finish. Adoption procedures are never easy and can frequently be very stressful for the adopting family.

Here are some tips to help you find the right adoption agency.

Ask About Your Options

When you are looking to adopt a child

be wary of any agency that tries to shoehorn you into their one size fits all process without asking you for any input. The adoption agency’s job is to look out for your interests as well as those of the child, so if they are neglecting either then it’s time to find another adoption agency.

Depending on the agency, they may deal in only closed adoptions, only in open adoptions, only domestic adoptions, and so on. It is becoming increasingly popular for a single adoption agency to offer assistance with several different types of adoption services. Be aware of what they offer!

Check Out Your Adoption Agent

It is always a good idea to spend some time looking into the people working with you when you are going into a situation that is as financially, emotionally, and legally risky as adoption. Ensure that the agency you work with is licensed and contact the licensing authority to ensure that they are in good standing with their license. Ask about any complaints. You want to be sure that you are well familiarized with the agency’s history and the way they handle cases before you make a final adoption agreement.

Ask About Counseling and Aid Options

A good adoption agency will offer you a helpful array of counseling options to help smooth the transition for you. You should be able to ask them any questions you have about the adoption process and get an understanding of the emotional processes that you’ll be going through as you get to know your adopted child. It’s also good to know whether the agency offers counseling for parents who are considering placement for their child. Fully educating prospective birth parents on their rights and options is an important responsibility of every adoption agency.

The agency may also be able to point you toward aid programs, educational courses, and other resources offered by the state and community to support adoptive parents. Join the local adoptive parents support group and learn about the experience from those who have experienced it first hand to get the best handle on it.

Find a Good Adoption Attorney

Another step on your pathway toward successful adoption is finding the right adoption attorney to assist you with all the legal elements of the process. A good adoption attorney will also be able to guide you toward the best adoption agencies in the area and alert you when there are unusual or troublesome items in the paperwork that the agencies offer. Having a capable attorney in your corner is a great asset due to the knowledge and experience that they wield. When you are on your way to adopt a child, it can really help to have someone experienced to guide you through the process.

Be Clear On Fees and Costs

One of the most important things you can do for your own welfare when choosing an adoption agency is inquiring about fees and costs that you will have to pay with your own wallet later on in the process. Some agencies will assess a high fee but then fund such expenses as the home visit and legal fees, while others will charge lower fees and you will need to pay those other costs out of pocket.

Get a clear listing of your agency’s fees and be sure that you understand it well before proceeding with any dealings. It is always in your best interest to be sure where your costs are coming from and having clear expectations about the next steps in the process.

Consider an Independent Adoption Agent

Although it is generally a good idea to work with a licensed agency, you may also consider employing an independent adoption agent. They can help offer a second opinion.

What Does An Adoption Agent Do?

When you work with an adoption agent, unlike an adoption agency, they are your liaison between you and the agency, which may in turn have a list of parents interested in placing a child, or children who need adoptive parents depending on the kind of agency you are working with. Typically, a state-run adoption agency works with the foster care system and is attempting to place fostered children in permanent households.

There are many foster children of many different ages who need families to adopt them. In most cases, a private adoption agency matches up prospective adoptive parents with expecting couples or mothers who are considering placing their children. The birth parents may have some involvement in the adoptive parent selection process. There is typically a long wait between joining the waiting list for such an agency and actually being matched up with a child.

An adoption agent can also act as a liaison with a social worker, or may in fact be a social worker, and provide services such as the home visit required for adoption approval.

The Matter of an International Adoption Agency

International adoption follows different rules than domestic adoption. In particular, the circumstances under which children are adoptable internationally are more tightly constrained than the circumstances permitting domestic adoption, and as a result, many internationally adoptable children are orphans or considered to have been abandoned.

When selecting an international adoption agency or international adoption agent, it’s important to keep in mind the additional legal complexities of international adoption. The agency should be able to explain all the tasks you will have to complete before your adoption is considered legal. For some countries, this will require one or more visits to the child’s country of origin

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