Introduction To The AeroGarden

AeroGarden Indoor garedn systemIf you have little time or space for gardening but would like to enjoy fresh herbs, salad greens, vegetables and flowers right from the convenience of your kitchen, then the AeroGarden from  could be your answer. The AeroGarden is an indoor gardening system that makes use of aeroponic technology that requires no dirt for growing plants. In addition, this gardening system will automatically adjust the lighting and alert you when more water or nutrients need to be added for optimal plant growth. It is a hassle free and compact indoor gardening system that allows busy individuals with little space for gardening to enjoy fresh herbs, vegetables and flowers grown right from their kitchen or other indoor room.

Aeroponics is a method of growing plants that does not use soil. Instead the plants are grown inside of a grow chamber that contains oxygen, water and nutrients. This allows plants to grow faster than outdoors, free of pests. The plants are also healthier due to the continuous nutrients that the plant roots receive. Aeroponic gardening using an AeroGarden is very easy and takes very little time or space- it are about the size of a breadbox with even more compact models available. This makes it ideal for the busy urban dweller.

The AeroGarden consists of a grow chamber, lighting system using energy efficient, full spectrum bulbs, and a built-in microprocessor which automatically adjusts the water and nutrients. There is also an alert system which tells you when you need to add any water or nutrients.

All of the AeroGarden models come with the seeds and nutrients you need, along with the growing system, so it’s easy to get started. All you do is add the seed pods and water to the system and then plug it in. After that it only takes about five minutes a month to maintain your system, by occasionally adding water or nutrients when the system alerts you or doing minor maintenance and upkeep to the plants. Most of your time will be spent harvesting and enjoying the fresh herbs, vegetables

and flowers it produces.

There are a wide variety of different seed pods you can buy to use with your AeroGarden. Fresh herbs, vegetables like cherry tomatoes and chili peppers, salad green, flowers and more can be grown from an AeroGarden. Although not specifically for flower gardening, this system can work well for it. With your AeroGarden you have perfect Organic Garden.

Because you will be growing your plants indoors and using an aeroponic system, you don’t have to worry about soil, weeds or pests. Your herbs and vegetables will be completely organic and receive the optimal amount of nutrients. Germination is very fast- often within 24 hours- and plants grow about five times faster in an AeroGarden than they would outside in dirt.

AeroGrow offers several different AeroGarden models to choose from, depending on what your needs and preferences are. The original model, the AeroGarden Classic, holds 7 seed pods. There are over 20 different types of seed kits to choose from, including herbs, salad green, chili peppers and cherry tomatoes. It comes with the pre-seeded dome, daylight spectrum bulbs and nutrients needed for growing the plants. There is also a harvest and tending book that includes recipes.

The AeroGarden 6Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Classic 6 holds six grow pods instead of seven. This gives the plants more room to grow and spread out, allowing for about 30% extra growth over the Classic. For a more sophisticated look, there is the AeroGarden 6 Elite. This system contains the 6 pods and 2 grow bulbs, but also has stainless steel accents which gives a nicer look.

For those with limited space, there is the AeroGarden Space Saver 6, which is a more compact form of the AeroGarden. For an even more compact model there is the AeroGarden 3, which is half the size of the original Classic. It is about the size of a coffee maker but produces a good quantity of herbs and salad greens for two people.

The AeroGarden Pro 100 has new features and upgrades. Plants grow fifty percent faster than the original classic model. The AeroGarden Pro 200 also allows for faster growth and gives you the ability to grow full sized vegetables and fruits such as cucumbers and tomatoes.

The AeroGarden Deluxe offers twice the light of the Classic and is two times taller. The increased light and height allow you to grow plants at full size. The Deluxe model also comes with stainless steel accents, 3 grow bulbs instead of 2, a trellis system for supporting the plants, and a year’s worth supply of grow pods and nutrients. There is also an adjustable arm to help with growing the full sized vegetables and a Master’s Garden Kit which can be used to start plants in the AeroGarden and then transplant them outdoors.

If you haven’t ordered a set of the UltraGrow Liquid Nutrients for your AeroGarden yet, We advise you to start using them immediately. They are easy to use, and won’t damage your AeroGarden like the nutrient tablets can.

The AeroGarden has consistently received positive reviews and comments from users. It does deliver on its promises of producing healthy, delicious plants with minimal hassle or time. The only complaints about the system is that the lights are bright and the pump does make a bit of noise. It is a little louder than a fish tank. All in all the AeroGarden is a very convenient and healthy way to enjoy indoor gardening and fresh herbs and vegetables grown right from your kitchen SimeonovGardengardening,indoor gardening,organic gardeningIntroduction To The AeroGarden If you have little time or space for gardening but would like to enjoy fresh herbs, salad greens, vegetables and flowers right from the convenience of your kitchen, then the AeroGarden from  could be your answer. The AeroGarden is an indoor gardening system that makes use...My magazine about Health, Homeimprovement, Garden, Travel and many more