If you’ve ever planned to buy yourself a home, then you probably know what a big deal it is. Home hunting in Brooklyn is an exhausting

and sometimes a bit stressful process. Finding a perfect place that also comes with a reasonable price seems pretty impossible. That’s why most people decide to hire professionals in the field. Getting a real estate agent means you’re on the right way to get the most of what you really want. And, if they’re good enough, you may get even more. But how does this complex relationship function, and what’s it really all about? Let’s find out by discussing 5 things Brooklyn real estate agents won’t tell you.

1. The better is your agent, the better your purchase will be

Well, yes, this is something you won’t hear from them but it’s certainly a pretty logical fact. It’s obvious why everyone needs an agent while fighting this Brooklyn real estate fight. However, the final outcome highly depends on how big and successful the real estate agent is. That’s why, to make a real bargain, most people tend to choose the best one they have heard about.

But, that’s not always so simple. In some cases, even though you have selected the agent you’d like to cooperate with, eventually, you don’t end up working with him. Instead, you may get his substitute, a younger and sometimes less experienced colleague, who simply can’t help you reach your goal. That’s why you should be very careful here. Make sure you’ve made your choice clear, and check whom you are assigned before you sign any contract. Otherwise, just get ready for a not-so-pleasant surprise knocking at your door.

Three young people discussing and making notes about the things Brooklyn real estate agents won't tell you.
Check everything twice, before you make up your mind.

2. There is nothing like a perfect dream home – one of the 5 things Brooklyn real estate agents won’t tell you

Most of us know and understand this fact really. However, we all kind of forget it once we hand over our destiny into the hands of our all mighty real estate agents. Simply put, we tend to see them as magicians who can do the impossible. Which they can’t really.

However, what they can do is to find a property that suits most of our needs, and that for the best possible price they can get. Therefore, if you want to avoid huge disappointments, it’s better to be realistic. If you have already got the agent you’ve wanted, then you should trust him. Finally, you may even be surprised how quickly you’ll have to visit usantini.com in search of moving services because your agent has found you the closest version of your dream home.

3. Don’t consider that some things are obvious- be clear

In the world of brokerage, there aren’t many things that are considered logical per se. Your real estate agent is the one who speaks for your part, but, remember that he can’t read your thoughts. Those are just regular people you have hired to help you make the best deal, because either your general negotiating skills are not very good, or you have no time to search by yourself.

That’s why it is important to be precise and clear while explaining your requirements to your Brooklyn real estate agent. Starting with the size of the place, and the number of rooms, till the finest details such as the appliance you expect to get. Remember to take this seriously, and have a yet-ready list of requirements in your head. Otherwise, you’ll waste a great deal of time figuring out what you are looking for, instead of going through the offers that may interest you for real.

A piece of paper with the words " I can ddo anything not everything" on it.
Help your real estate agent find you what you want.

4. This neighborhood is not really my cup of tea

Logically speaking, if the real estate agents are really good, they should be familiar with almost every neighborhood in Brooklyn. Actually, once when they hear what you are looking for, they must immediately have an idea, where they can find something that will suit you. Successful agents know the average neighborhood prices. They know what the place looks like in different parts of the day. What’s more, a really good professional would even advise you where you can find the cheapest moving services in Brooklyn. And, yes, it is really possible to find something affordable. You just need to do your research first and, of course, with no rush.

However, it’s not always like that. There are some agents that may have made several successful deals in some parts of the borough, while the other parts are almost completely unknown to them. But, that’s one of the things Brooklyn real estate agents won’t tell you for sure, since it will ruin their reputation. That’s why you should take care of your choice. Ask around since maybe some of your friends already know someone good.

People in an office smiling.
Ask for a recommendation.

5. We don’t earn as much as many people think

And this is really true. The usual commission is 6% of the price, but it is still something that can be negotiated. Plus, not all of that money actually goes to the agent. Apart from the regular expenses that need to be covered, agencies also take their part of the sum. So, although there are agents who earn a lot, there are also many of them who are struggling. So don’t take them for granted, and remember that for them, time is money. If you are just looking around with no interest in buying anything, you’d better visit some open houses than calling on an agent.

What’s more, try to respect their profession. Hiring a relative or a friend who says he has a license isn’t a good way of saving money, and looking after your budget. Good real estate agents are good for some reason and remember that everything has its price.

And now you know the secret of the 5 things Brooklyn real estate agents won’t tell you. Keep them in mind for the next time you decide to move. It may help

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