8 Basic tips to traveling in Thunderstorms to save yourself

Although Thunderstorms are considered to be a beautiful display of clouds and lighting followed by rain and cold weather they can be a lot of hassle especially when you are in the middle of a traveling expedition. Here are 8 basic tips to save yourself from a drastic experience while traveling if you are caught up in a lighting storm.

  1. Find A Shelter:

Probably the immediate step that you can take to protect yourself from the effects of a thunderstorm is to find a nearby shelter as quickly as possible. Even if it is a stray building or just a covered piece of concrete with roof it can serve as the perfect shelter from the storm. You can begin traveling again when the storm starts to settle down after a while

  1. Stay Away From Poles:

Avoid standing near the long telephone poles and corded telephone booths. They can be quite dangerous especially during an ongoing thunderstorm and can cause a wave of electric shock if you accidentally touch them. If you are outside try standing away from them.

  1. Stay Away From Long Trees: