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Recent research ranked Pennsylvania among the top 10 states for millennials. The research included traits helping to determine livabilities such as affordability, education

health, quality of life, economics, community engagement, and others. Another important fact for many young people is the unemployment rate, which is one of the lowest in the USA. Migration data shows that most millennials are happy in Pennsylvania, which is why they stayed. Here are the best Pennsylvania cities according to millennials.

Millennials chose the best Pennsylvania cities

Pennsylvania is the land of beauty, and it has something to offer for everyone’s taste, and millennials who are working freelance jobs online are always on the lookout for a beautiful place to call home. The Independence State has a rich history, culture, and diverse terrain. The picturesque scenery is colored by more than 100 national parks, such as the expansive coastline and the Appalachian Mountains. Pennsylvania has you covered if you are looking for surfing, skydiving, skiing, or mountain climbing. The state’s rich culture can be seen through the historical lens, as Pennsylvania is among the original 13 colonies of the United States and the place of the declaration of independence signing. One of the most iconic symbols of American freedom – The Liberty Bell, still stands in Pennsylvania. There are many good reasons for millennials to move to Pennsylvania:

  • vibrant economy
  • good health care systems
  • high level of life quality
  • education possibilities
  • low unemployment

If you want to settle in with no issues, you should consider some of the blossoming Pennsylvania cities. There are six metro areas across the state that are adored by millennials. Harrisburg-Carlisle, Scranton-Wilkes-Barre-Hazelton, Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton. Also, Philadelphia-Wilmington-Camden, Pittsburgh, and Youngstown-Warren-Boardman are just some of them. In most of the metro areas, millennials are relocating en masse. However, The Gentleman Mover recommends extending your search beyond the metro areas if you are looking for affordable housing. They inform us that many young people are now looking for larger homes in rural areas due to being able to work remotely.

We love Pennsylvania’s big cities and enjoy the comfort of smaller suburban towns. When you come to Pennsylvania for the first time, we recommend you start with Pittsburgh or Philadelphia. After you settle in, you should try to uncover some of the hidden gems: Penn Wynne, Hershey, South Park, Radnor Township, McCandless, and State College.

Vibrant nightlife in Pennsylvania.
Nightlife brings many millennials.


Millennials love Philadelphia’s evolving neighborhoods, exciting nightlife, and sports availability. The birthplace of the Philly cheese steak and one of the oldest cities always has something new to offer. Above all, the city has numerous cultural centers, clubs, sports avenues, and coffee shops, which is why millennials love Philly. The unique diversity of each neighborhood in Philadelphia allows new people to blend in and become part of it. The cultural blend can best be seen during the block parties, and this is where residents gather to have fun and share traditions. A vibrant nightlife and mixed-culture gatherings provide the perfect recipe for millennials thinking of moving to Philly.

Old Museum of Art in Philadelphia
Millennials love what Philadelphia has to offer.

According to millennials, Pittsburgh is the best Pennsylvania city

Pittsburgh is an excellent place for young people because it provides endless opportunities. It’s a beautiful city with many green areas and stunning architecture. Millennials love it because living is affordable, the city is well connected, and cultural life is flourishing. The friendliness of Pittsburghers is well known, and their energy is contagious. Three rivers meet here: the Monongahela, the Allegheny, and Ohio. The waterways allow you to enjoy your day kayaking, boating, or paddleboarding. Pittsburgh is the right place for you if you love amazing topography and friendly people.

Millennials enjoy working in Pittsburgh's coffee shop
Coffee brings many millennials to Pennsylvania

Penn Wynne is constantly chosen by millennials as a great place to live

Montgomery County has many interesting suburbs, but Penn Wynne stands out. It has around 6,000 residents, an excellent school system and crime in this neighborhood is rare. The community is keen on conserving natural assets. Many job opportunities and affordable living rank Penn Wynne as one of the best places for millennials in Montgomery Country.


This community has around 15.000 residents and is considered the sweetest town. One of the reasons is because Hershey’s chocolate is made here. Hershey’s Chocolate World is just one of the attractions that bring tourists here. But millennials are not coming only for chocolate. Hershey’s peaceful community is very welcoming, with top schools and interesting cultural life. Indeed, choosing Hershey’s will sweeten your life.

South Park is the best Pennsylvania city

If you are traveling through Pennsylvania, South Park is a place that you cannot skip. There are many other South Parks in different states, but this one is unique. A significant factor of its charm is the residents, who are friendly and welcoming. Neighborhoods are proud of their gardening and landscape skills. Friendly suburbs have many venues to occupy your free time, and you won’t make a mistake to choose moving here.

Radnor Township is the best Pennsylvania city according to millennials

As part of Delaware Country, Radnor Township is not the most affordable place in Pennsylvania, but it definitely makes that up in friendliness. Millennials looking for education opportunities often choose this town. Radnor Township has one of the best school structures in the state. Radnorians, as residents, are very friendly. Good universities and job opportunities will get you looking for affordable properties in Radnor.

According to millennials, State College is great

One of the most beautiful towns in Pennsylvania is State College. The population of more than 40.000 is part of the main campus of Penn State University. It is a fantastic place for you to live, and the town always provides help so that transition can pass smoothly. State College has famous nightlife and outdoor activities and offers sufficient job opportunities.

McCandless is one of the best Pennsylvania cities

McCandless has some of the most desirable recreation areas in Pennsylvania; therefore whole state’s education is at a high level, and crime is practically non-existent. Culture thrives in McCandless, with open and closed theaters, galleries, and other venues. The natural sights here are like something from a fairy tale. The North Park Lake, Schenley Park, The Riverwalk, and Point State Park provide something for every outdoor lover.

Reasons to move to Pennsylvania

We mentioned the best Pennsylvania cities according to millennials; however, that is just the tip of the iceberg waiting for you to uncover the rest of what this state has to offer. You don’t have to worry about the relocation because with the help of professional Pennsylvania movers, you’ll settle in with no issues. We are sure you’ll love the atmosphere and fit in straight away since millennials in Pennsylvania are appreciated for their individuality, adaptability, and innovation. Interesting cultural, sports, nightlife, and recreational offers will surely provide ample entertainment opportunities. The rich history of the Independence state will get you exploring the secrets it hides. If you recognized, like many others, the education and job opportunities mentioned above, then moving to Pennsylvania is the right move for you.

In conclusion

Now that we’ve covered the best Pennsylvania cities according to millennials, we hope you understand why many young people decide to make this their home. Regardless of what you are looking for, we are sure you’ll be able to find it in Pennsylvania.

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