If you’re among those who are looking for that one perfect American city to move to, you are exactly at the right place. Everybody must have heard about Philadelphia– a great mixture of culture

history, beautiful outdoors, vibrant neighborhoods, and great food. Over years its charm and diversity attract people from all over the world. And, most of them come there to stay. Now, in case you are pondering about what’s so special about the city, this is where you can find the answer. We decided to guide you through another little tour, and present to you 5 reasons why Philadelphia is one of the coolest U.S. cities.

1. Its cultural and historic value

For all those who are in love with history, it’ll sound amazing to practically live in the cradle of one nation. Philadelphia is a place where America was born. Just imagine yourself walking by the well-known Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, or Christ Church. Well, this can easily be your everyday routine if your real estate agent finds you home somewhere near the Center City neighborhoods. You will be able to take a look at the place where Betsy Rose has sewed the first American Flag. And, if you are among the luckiest ones, you can boast sharing the hood with the first American president, since Philadelphia is home to The President’s House Site, a working and living place of George Washington.

A museum in Philadelphia.
Get in touch with the past.

All in all, in terms of culture, tradition, and arts, this Pennsylvanian city will not disappoint you, nor your high expectations. Its streets, museums, and art galleries are there to tell the American story to everyone who is ready to listen.

2. Its neighborhoods- one of the 5 reasons why Philadelphia is one of the coolest U.S. cities

“Neighborhood” is the word that this city knows the best. Everyone who comes to Philadelphia will be enchanted by the uniqueness of the diversity. Every neighborhood is a story of its own, and each has its own charm. People from different parts of the world were coming to live in Philadelphia from its very beginnings, always bringing with them parts of their own cultures. Philadelphian neighborhoods preserved those cultural landmarks, and they are visible even nowadays. Thus in the south part of the city, you can easily come across some great Mexican or Polish restaurants and bars, while the western parts hide a small Caribbean world. The coolest moments here are the block parties residents organize from time to time. A perfect blend of traditions. Neighborhoods play games and share food, meeting each other, and learning about other nations.

But, if you prefer something more authentic, excellent apartment movers in Philadelphia can ensure an easy transition to your new home somewhere near the city center. There you can find nice neighborhoods with a good old mixture of history and culture.

3. The cuisine

If you come to live in Philadelphia, you’ll get a chance to taste authenticity. You must have heard about their world-famous cheesesteak. This incredibly delicious meal became a kind of a real trademark of Philadelphia. And, food is generally one of the things people love about this city. Wherever you go, you can find some acclaimed restaurants which offer flavors that you can find nowhere else in the world.

The interior of a reastaurant as one of the reasons why Philadelphia is one of the coolest cities in the U. S is delicious cuisine.
Taste unique flavors.

But, then there comes the best part- the popular Reading Terminal Market. Founded back in 1892, it is one of the most well-known indoor farmer’s markets. More than 80 local sellers offer various kinds of food, demonstrate their cooking skills, promote specialties, and sell many other goods. All in all, a real experience of a kind for every Philadelphia visitor. And if you have saved enough money to come there to stay, you will have an opportunity to enjoy the traditional Pennsylvania Dutch Festival of food and trades every year.

4. It’s all green outside

Philadelphia’s amazing outdoors is definitely one of the reasons why it is one of the coolest U.S. cities. You can’t take a walk down the Philadelphian streets without being amazed by the beautiful sights of the long tree lines. And, nature lovers, get ready for this. Take a deep breath, and feel the scents of Fairmount Park, or rest your thoughts on the banks of the Schuylkill River. Here’s where you’ll find a real getaway.

However, one thing is for sure. Once when experts from Superior Moving & Storage move your home to Philadelphia, you will never get bored again. Make some use of the city’s vibrant outdoors. Visit the playgrounds, and enjoy a game of ping pong or bocce with your friends. Go fishing, or explore the hidden natural treasures of the stunning waterfront. Experience horse riding in some of the scenic wood areas. Or simply have a picnic in a park and enjoy one of the outdoor live concerts for free.

5. Everyday life

Choosing Philadelphia to be your new home, may seem like picking the perfect strategic position.

You can find perfect small-town-like neighborhoods for your family life all over the city. But, if you wish for something even more quaint and peaceful, Haddonfield and Princeton are practically at your fingertips.

Although the job market in Philadelphia is great and diverse, for all those who dream about working in one of America’s major cities, New York and Washington DC are around 2 hours away.

Finally, another great thing about the city’s geographical position is its climate. In Philadelphia, temperatures are agreeable during most parts of the year. It almost never gets too hot nor too cold. What’s more, if you decide to get a loan and buy a new house in town, you’ll be happy to hear that in Philadelphia natural disasters are also very rare.

A couple walking their dog in the park.
Live your life to the fullest.

Well, in case you were having second thoughts about your move, after these 5 reasons why Philadelphia is one of the coolest U.S. cities, we are sure you made up your mind. There is no time to waste. Pack your bags, and go and meet this fantastic city and its kind residents

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