The capital city of the United States is one of the most densely populated areas in the country. Nearly 700,000 people live in an area that is a mere 68.34 square miles in size. This would explain why the real estate in the executive district is severely scarce. And consequently, lots of people who work in the capital live in the suburbs comprising the DMV area. If you plan to move, you will find a lot of valuable information to help you with the spadework. We have put together a list of the best suburbs near Washington DC, examining what it is like living in the highlighted areas. Be sure to check them out before you schedule your move, and see which one appeals to you the most.

A brief glimpse of Washington DC

Named after the first president of the US

George Washington, the capital was established on July 16th, 1790, with the signing of the Residence Act. The French architect Pierre Charles L’Enfant was commissioned to design the city and give it a unique look, one that will distinguish it from any other city in the country. Today, we recognize it by its elegant grid and the iconic neoclassical structures, such as the Capitol, White House, and Supreme Court. If you plan on moving to a new city and Washington DC is on your list, it is a good choice. Its location on the Potomac River and the abundant acreage of parks throughout the city make it indeed easy to relax and unwind in a pleasant verdant setting after a long day at work.

The Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC

What is the DMV area?

DMV stands for D.C, Maryland, Virginia, and it is the colloquial expression for Washington Metropolitan Area. It is also known as the National Capital Region, and it hosts the largest science and engineering workforce in the US. The anchor of the metro area is Washington DC and the place where most people go to work. Ask any local, and they will tell you that the biggest drawback of the capital is the notoriety of traffic congestion and lack of quality and affordable housing. Luckily, there are great suburbs nearby to choose from when you decide to move to a new home. Therefore, we will list our pick of those and give you some tips on how to make your relocation to one of them a smooth and easy project.

Local moving in the DC area and how to tackle it

While the salaries in Washington DC are among the highest in the country, so is the cost of living and housing. For this reason, many people opt to move further out from the city. The outer suburbs near Washington DC grow quickly and develop into pleasant residential areas, so local moves are pretty common. As the distance from the executive center is not too big, you can hire some movers and relocate just around the corner, so to speak, and enjoy the quiet and more economical suburban lifestyle.

Moving throughout the DC area will be a hassle, as you may imagine. So, make a point to hire a seasoned local mover to ensure an untroubled process. Juggling moving boxes, long work hours, and the endless list of moving-related tasks doesn’t sound appealing, you would agree. And of course, here is the terrible traffic to top that up. Hence, rely on an expert moving assistance and transfer your family swiftly to a new suburban home.

The best suburbs near Washington DC

The ideal place to live in will vary among individuals. It widely depends on personal circumstances and preferences. Hence, decide on your priorities and do thorough research on the best places near Washington DC. See what fits your criteria best, and have your pick. The more details you have, the easier it will be to slash stress when moving house. With that being said, let’s proceed to our list of top suburbs near the capital.

Row houses in a DMV neighborhood

Maryland’s portion of the DMV area

Named by Queen Marry of England, Maryland is one of the smallest states in the US. Due to its diverse climate features and landscape, it is dubbed America in Miniature. If you ever plan the perfect road trip, be sure to include it. Its natural beauty is sure to enchant you. Maryland’s Counties of Frederick, Montgomery, and Prince George’s County are parts of the DMV. Here you will find some of the best suburbs that will make your move worthwhile.

Silver Springs

Located on the north border of the capital, you will enjoy a short commute to work. The red metro line goes through it, and you can hop in the heart of DC within 35 minutes. Silver Springs offers you a calm suburban feel and lively art and entertainment scene. You can enjoy spacious green areas, such as Acorn Park, or indulge in one of the many exciting restaurants, serving anything from traditional Irish Stew to exotic Ethiopian Doro Wot.


It is said that good schools make for great communities, and Rockville is just that. Roughly 20 miles from the most powerful city in the world, it boasts an exceptional ranking of the school system, low crime rates, and a friendly entrepreneurial environment. So, if you plan to raise a family, look no further and let the guys from A2B Moving and Storage bring your belongings into your new home. Rockville is a wise option for a young family.


This sophisticated center of medical prowess is home to many scientific life-saving breakthroughs. Bethesda is an upscale community with plenty of top-quality attributes. To name but a few, the brilliant cultural scene, upscale shopping, and nationally recognized schools are some of them. Certainly, Bethesda is the cream of the crop among the suburbs near Washington DC.

Best suburbs near Washington DC in Virginia

The Mother of Presidents is certainly Virginia’s most prominent moniker. The state forms the DMV area with its entire northern portion. Here are the best suburbs in Northern Virginia that will give you easy access to Washington, DC.


Reportedly, Reston has been voted the best place to live in Virginia. It was founded in 1964 with the intent to exemplify the ideal balance between residential neighborhoods and commercial space. Moving here guarantees you a quick commute to the capital and access to great schools and public amenities.


The home of the Pentagon is located a mere 5 miles from DC. It will take you less than 30 minutes to cross the Potomac River and get to the heart of the executive city. With its deep roots in American history, Arlington indeed does not need a long introduction. However, based on the quality of life it offers, it deserves its place on our list of best Washington DC suburbs.


The hometown of George Washington radiates a pleasant residential atmosphere. Besides well-preserved historical buildings, the streets are lined with specialty shops and unique boutiques, giving it a special vibe. Alexandria is an independent city in Northern Virginia and a suburb of the capital that is the best to live in.

In conclusion, take your lead from our list of best suburbs near Washington DC and further your research. Whichever of the above you may choose, you certainly will not be wrong. So, have your pick, and let a trusted local mover take you and your family swiftly to your new home WhiteTravelmove,suburbsThe capital city of the United States is one of the most densely populated areas in the country. Nearly 700,000 people live in an area that is a mere 68.34 square miles in size. This would explain why the real estate in the executive district is severely scarce. And...My magazine about Health, Homeimprovement, Garden, Travel and many more