If you are looking for the perfect place in Florida where you should go, Miami-Dade County is far the best one you can choose. Actually, some people say that in the whole US you won’t find anything similar. Situated in the southeastern area of the United States, this county is the most populated one in the state of Florida. What’s more

along with the two other South Floridian counties it constitutes the famous Miami metropolitan area. Its community is scattered in 34 cities and numerous unincorporated areas, all unique for their own reason. However, today, we’ll give you a list of cities in Miami-Dade County you should visit this year.

1. The City of Miami- the so-called Magic City

According to most of the reviews, this is the best city n Florida. People who live there tend to emphasize its diversity. There you’ll be at the core of the cultural, national, and ethnic diversity. And, that’s not strange if you know that every year people from all over the world come to the City of Miami to feel its charms. However, many of them come there to stay. You will definitely be enchanted by its busy lifestyle, and charming outdoors. Not to mention the numerous beautiful beaches you should put at the top of your list.

Amazing waterview
Make sure you don’t miss this view.

People in Miami are energetic and friendly. They live urban lifestyles and most of them rent their homes. If you decide to move to this city, you’d like to know that it’s really full of opportunities. The job market in Miami is great, and young professionals come there to work. Everyday life in Miami is never boring and dull. Apart from the great nightlife, everyone knows about, there’re plenty of outdoor activities that you can practice during all year, due to the great weather.

2. Sunny Isles Beach- one of the cities in Miami-Dade County you should visit this year

Although this city offers an urban lifestyle, it still counts as a nice and calm place to live in. It has everything one could imagine for a happy and relaxing lifestyle near the coastline. Great apartment buildings, numerous bars, and restaurants, notably good public schools and clean parks. However, one thing is for sure. Every visitor will remain speechless at the sight of Sunny Isles’ two-miles-long beach. It is, with no doubt, one of the most beautiful ones in Florida.

The community of Sunny Isles Beach is great. People are very welcoming and neighborhoods are family-friendly. It’s good to know that in recent years the crime rate in this Miamian suburb is going down considerably. Therefore, although Sunny Isles Beach is a pretty popular tourist destination, and many people circulate the streets every single day, it still is a safe place to raise a family. And, in case you choose to put your roots down here, you should know that the local moving services are excellent, too. With their help by your side, you’ll definitely have an easy and safe relocation.

3. Homestead- the second oldest city in the county

And now a little bit of suburban feel. Homestead is a nice and quiet family city. If you hate the noisy sounds of everyday traffic, this is a perfect place for you. It is far enough from the clamor of the City of Miami to provide you a peaceful life, but it’s also close enough to satisfy all your needs.

Everyone who decides to move to this city, Homestead has to offer a number of friendly neighborhoods, whose residents are warm and help each other a lot, despite their ethnic and cultural diversity. Meet your friends in some of the local parks, or go shopping in the nearby malls. Take a walk along the Homestead streets, and buy some fresh fruits that this city is so rich with since it is the major agricultural area in the state.

A person buying fruits at the market
Buy some fresh fruit right in front of your home.

4. Aventura- “The city of Excellence”

Everyone who has ever been to this city says Aventura is definitely one of the cities in Miami-Dade County you should visit. Although urban and constantly growing, this city is still a peaceful place. Beautiful and clean neighborhoods and their sociable residents would make you feel at home the moment you step on their streets.

But, if by some chance you decide to move to Aventura, and hire City Movers to help you out, it would be nice to know that this city is marked as pretty safe and family-friendly, same as that it offers great job opportunities. Plus, it’s a place with so many things to do, that you can never be bored.

5. Doral- “Live, Work, Learn and Play!”

A perfect combination of urban and suburban lifestyles. You would love its vibrant atmosphere. This is a city that welcomes diversity with its hands wide open. A real melting pot of a kind. Doral offers many beautiful restaurants, bars, stores, and parks, as well as plenty of interesting activities and sights to explore. And, it’d be a real pleasure to move around their streets, since their public transportation is great and pretty easy to use.

What’s more, by moving your house to Doral, you would hit the bull’s eye, too. Its residents call it a good-looking place with safe and quiet everyday life. Once you come there, you wish to stay and buy yourself the most beautiful house in the hood. The real estate market is great and if you come there with your family, be sure that there are many good schools too.

Several people putting their hands together
Here’s a place that welcomes diversity.

Now when you’ve seen our small list of the top cities in Miami-Dade County you should visit this year, all you need to do is to pack your bags and come to see them yourself. And, no matter which one you choose, we are sure you will be enchanted by their charm and energy. What’s more, you never know, it may be that one of them will become your future home

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