there are a lot of simple ways to fix this and make your rental feel like home
As time goes by, renting becomes more and more popular

especially for young adults who, in search of better lives, move to big cities and urban centers. Rentals give you a chance to test out life in one city and see whether you can picture yourself living there. However, not all of them are great. A big number of rentals lack warmth and personality. Fortunately, there are a lot of simple ways to fix this and make your rental feel like home. Learn these tips and elevate a rental without compromising your lease agreement.

First things first

Before making changes to your rental, stop for a second. Whether you want to improve your backyard or hang a few pictures on the wall in the living room, you’ll need to get permission from your landlord. Even though your plan is to elevate the rental at your expense, some landlords won’t like the idea of making these changes. Therefore, don’t start any project until you get the necessary permission from the people who own your rental.

Also, consider unpacking all of your belongings before making changes to your new home. This will give you the idea of the amount of stuff you’ll be able to incorporate into the new design of your rental. And who knows, maybe some of these items will inspire you!

Work with what you’ve got

Once you get the approval of your landlord, start thinking about the best ways for making your home look less boring. When thinking about the design, don’t forget that you’ll be changing someone else’s living space and not one that you own. Therefore, stay away from major changes. Don’t try to turn a Victorian apartment into a modern one and vice versa. Instead of building a vision from scratch, work with what you’ve got and improve the space smartly.

Unfurnished rentals with white walls are the best candidates for a makeover

Maximize the space as much as possible

People who move to big cities usually end up living in tiny apartments. These types of homes need to be designed and organized in a specific way that will make them appear bigger than they really are. No matter how challenging this task might seem, it really isn’t. There are many different tips that can help you make a home feel bigger. Even people who want to decorate the home on a budget can afford following these tips. In order to maximize your living space you will need:

  • Light and neutral colors for your floors and walls.
  • Mirrors – the more the merrier.
  • Room divides to create zones inside tiny homes.
  • To get rid of some of your big and bulky furniture

Add a personal touch to your new home

Most rentals include outdated spaces that appear cold and boring. Fortunately, after doing a makeover, you’ll manage to live in a space that both feels and looks like home. After reading a bunch of tips for decorating your kid’s bedroom, living room, and your bedroom, you’ll realize that even the smallest change can turn your lifeless rental into a warm and cozy home. Adding a personal touch to your home can’t go without:

  • Colorful pillows and rugs – most experts will tell you that the best way for dealing with boring space is getting unique pillows and rugs! There are no rules when it comes to choosing the color. But, don’t overdo it! You don’t want to live in a tacky home.
  • Wall art – if you want to make your rental feel like home, you should hang some of your photos or DIY projects. With wall art, you will transform those boring walls and turn them into something unique and interesting.

Items in bold colors and unique art will make your rental feel like home

Add some life with an indoor garden

People who live in rental apartments don’t have the luxury of relaxing in the backyard while reading their favorite book. However, if you’re getting ready to move to an apartment, don’t get rid of your plants when packing and organizing your belongings for the move! There is no reason why you can’t have an indoor garden! You can go green as much as you want.

Even if you’re one of those people who have a black thumb instead of a green one, you can have your indoor garden. All you have to do is get indoor plants that are easy to grow, such as Aloe, Lavender, Cactus, Spider Plant, and Peace Lilly. An indoor garden will bring a huge difference to your home!

Getting a pet will instantly make your rental feel like home

Is there a better way of making one space look homier than with the help of a pet? Our furry little friends can make us feel better, but they can also add some life to our homes. However, keep in mind that there will be times when landlords won’t let you live with a pet inside the rental. You can try talking to them, but no one can guarantee you that you’ll get their permission. Therefore, if you want to get a pet, make sure you find a rental that is pet-friendly!

Pets can make everything better, especially homes!

Create a cozy corner where you can rest

No matter how big or small your rental is, there’s always enough room for creating a cozy corner! You can find cheap home improvement ideas and use them when you’re designing your corner. If you’re a bookworm like us, consider creating a reading nook. And you know what is great about a reading nook? You don’t have to build a window-seat in order to have a perfect reading space. All you need are cozy pillows, a warm blanket, and of course, your favorite book.

There you have it! By following these simple tricks you’ll manage to make your rental feel like home without having to spend a fortune on the makeover. Upgrading a rental has never been easier!

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