How to Create a Toxins Free Garden for Your Children

How to Create a Toxins Free Garden for Your Children

In this world of pollution, GMO and chemical fertilizers, every ounce of clean fertile soil is worth its weight in gold. Sure, all of these products, solutions and ideas may bring you closer to your goal, but the quickest way is not always the best one. Remember

the food you grow in your garden later ends on the plates of your children and when it comes to that, there can be no compromise whatsoever
. Luckily, there are more than enough ways for you to manage your toxins free garden if you use just a bit of effort and here are some tips that you might find helpful.

Harness the Power of the Ecosystem

Sure, creating a toxins free garden is a tough battle, but no one said that this is a battle that you need to fight on your own. Every ecosystem, has its own internal structure and every living thing inside of it has its own relationships with everything that surrounds it. This means that by learning which vegetables are natural allies and enemies, you can easily make your garden much easier to govern. For example, everyone knows that cabbage and lettuce grow as natural companions, so why not use this connection for them to help each other out. In this way, instead of using lab-fabricated pesticides, you will allow your garden to fends for itself and this solution is always both healthier and more satisfying.

Toxins Free Garden for Your Children

Homemade Compost

Now if you are not going to use artificial fertilizers, you are going to need to compensate a bit for this shortcoming. Luckily, all of this can be made up for by making a homemade natural compost. First thing that you will need is a container and here you can use anything from a clay pot and compost bin to diaper (for some smaller root plants like flowers). After this, what you need is a mix of organic highly degradable material. Food leftovers are an ideal solution, but you need to avoid meat, fish and dairy products. However, mashed eggshell and similar things can be used quite efficiently for this purpose.

Create a Toxins Free Garden

DIY Irrigation System

Next thing your garden will desperately need is an irrigation system, but top notch ones are usually not that affordable. Because of that you do with what you got and there is an easy and cheap way to make a DIY irrigation system. First, you need a hose of adequate length and then you need to drill tiny holes at equal lengths. After this, all you need to do is set your water flow to the lowest, since you don’t want the hose to flood your garden, you just want it to drip from these holes. In order to further reduce your expenses, you can also use rainwater containers for this irrigation.

DIY Irrigation System for Toxins Free Garden

Keeping Your Garden Neat

Last, but in no way least important is that your garden needs to be not only toxins-free but as neat as possible. The reason for this is quite simple, pests hide in junk clusters so you need to break them up in order to keep your garden safer and nor prospering. Here, you can do it yourself or even get rubbish removal company to do this for you. In the end, this is not much trouble either way, but it can make all the difference in the world when your garden is concerned.

Toxins Free Garden for Your Children

As you can see, creating toxins free garden is not that difficult of a task, but it is not an easy one either. All you need is to arm yourself with a lot of patience and free will. A person who has those two things, will never in their life meet an impassable obstacle. The efforts may be great, but the reward of growing your own safe and healthy food for family in your Organic Garden is always more than worth it.