If you’re someone who likes visiting small but unique places

Texas has you covered. Being one of the biggest states in the USA, Texas has no shortage of small hidden gems to visit, explore and maybe even settle down in. So, if you’re looking for a little bit of adventure, we have put together a list of places just like this to help you explore the unknown side of Texas.


People looking for a great daytrip should definitely consider Lockhart. This small town is found along the Chisholm Trail, just south of Austin, and it is where people go to enjoy BBQ. So, if you’re trying to plan the perfect road trip, you should plan a trip to Lockhart. The local BBQ pit masters in Lockhart at places such as Kreuz Market, Chisholm Trail BBQ and so on have earned the small town the name Barbeque Capital of Texas. Besides the BBQ, Lockhart also offers the feeling of Victorian grandeur with historic buildings.

Close up of BBQ
Lockhart offers the best BBQ in Texas.


Starting it simple: Luckenbach is a tiny town found an hour’s drive from Austin. The reason Luckenbach earns is a place on this list is because it’s a town with only two buildings. The entire town consist of a dance hall and a rustic general store, and its home to only 3 people. Even so, the town attracts a constant stream of visitors curious to see the place. To this day, many people have come to Luckenbach to see the place which country singer Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings sang about.

Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake is a small town situated in the San Antonio Metropolitan Statistical Area. People looking for outdoor recreation can find it here in many forms. It has eight park areas to swim, boat, camp and picnic in. There are even hiking trails to be found here, and bank fishing is available too. All in all, Canyon Lake is a small place with easy living, and a lot of retirees have settled down there. If you’re considering settling in a peaceful place yourself, there are also experience local movers to make settling in simple and easy.

 Landmass beyond lake
Canyon Lake offers many parks for outdoor recreation.


For anyone wanting to explore the unknown side of Texas, Jefferson is place you must visit. Walking down the streets of Jefferson you can see what a bustling river port looked like during the 1800s. Those were the glory days of Jefferson, when the port was filled with steamboats going up and down the river. However, the beginning of the railway was the end of those golden days. After that, preservation efforts have managed to save the town’s 19th century buildings, which now serve as B&BS, museums and hotels.


A small town overshadowed by one of America’s biggest attractions, Canyon is a stop for anyone who wants to see the Grand Canyon. But, some will want to know that Canyon is also home to the Panhandle-Plains Historical museum and Historic Downtown Square, where they can learn all about the town’s history. Then, of course, there’s the Palo Duro Canyon State Park which offers outdoor adventures. All in all, it a great place to stop by when travelling the Unites States.

Areal view of the Grand Canyon
An important stop before the Grand Canyon, Canyon is a town historic town.


Marfa is a tiny, remote town in west Texas. It is a place with plenty of surprises. Travelling a short way out of the town will reveal a lone Prada store in the desert. One of the many works of art left behind by Donald Judd, a New York artist who many giant art installations around Marfa in 1970. Marfa is also home to a strange phenomenon aptly named the Marfa Lights, mysterious glowing orbs said to appear regularly in the area. Marfa is simply a must-go for those exploring the unknown side of Texas.


A quaint little town in Texas Hill County, Wimberley is spot full of culture and has plenty to offer for outdoor enthusiasts. Full of charming antique shops and galleries local weavings, paintings and hand-blown glasswork, all made by local artists. For those interested in music, any fan of country music can find a good time in Twin Sisters Dance Hall or Gruene Dance Hall. And on top of all that, one could spend days sampling from Wimberley’s many vineyards. Just remember to bring your Capsule wardrobe with you if you’re planning to travel through here.


Sitting on the banks of Medina River, Bandera is a town where you can experience a Wild West fantasy. Formed along the historic Chisholm Trail, the cowboy culture in Bandera is still alive and well. There are weekly shoot-‘em-up gunfight shows called Cowboys on Main, and there are also rode events held regularly in the town. The town’s general store offers all of the gear a cowboy could need, and the ranches there offer introductions to lassoing, wrangling and horse riding. So, for anyone wanting to experience a part of the cowboy life, Bandera is the place to be.


Schertz is a peaceful place in the San Antonio – New Braunfels metropolitan area. While the town is located on the edges of San Antonio, right on the cusp, the peaceful and laid back atmosphere give it a feeling of a small, tranquil suburb. It is home to many families and a lot of the activities within the town are family oriented. It is also known for having one of the lowest crime rates in the nation. So, while Schertz isn’t an exciting place to visit, it is a peaceful place to settle. And for those looking to settle down here, just remember: when moving in you should turn to professionals nearby for moving services.

Exploring the unknown side of Texas

From exciting places to be, to beautiful sights to see, Texas has many hidden gems to offer to travelers. And all of these places deserve your visit at least once, just to experience the unique atmosphere they all offer. We hope you found this list of place to visit in order to explore the unknown side of Texas helpful, and we wish you a nice trip

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