Hair Loss After Gastric BypassThe hair loss after gastric bypass surgery is one of the unwanted reactions. Having a gastric bypass can be a traumatic event.  With this surgery comes recovery and some after-effects.

Why Does Occur Hair Loss After Gastric Bypass?

There are two main reasons why occurs hair loss after gastric bypass.  First, the general anaesthesia that was administered during the surgery could be to blame.  Secondly, the loss of weight and lower nutritional intake could affect hair growth too.

Hair loss typically begins about twelve weeks after the gastric bypass.  Ironically, it is about this same time that a normal hair growth cycle will resume.  This means thick, luscious hair is right around the corner.

The bad news is that hair loss after gastric bypass is inevitable, but the good news is that the hair loss is not permanent.  You can stem your hair loss and keep the loss to the bare minimum by considering the following points.


Be sure you get enough protein after your gastric bypass.  An insufficient amount of protein will worsen the effects of hair loss after your gastric bypass.  It is recommended you consume at least 60-80 grams of protein daily.  If you fail to get enough protein in the days and weeks after the surgery, expect hair loss to begin early.

Getting enough protein will be tough for gastric bypass patients because you will be expected to be on a liquid diet following the surgery.  A good way to get around the protein hurdle is to take protein supplements in order to get you up to the 60-80 gram level.


A lack of vitamins is another factor that can lead to hair loss following gastric bypass surgery.  Because your diet will be liquefied for a while after the surgery – and then later reduced – you will need to find different ways to get your daily recommended dosage of vitamins.  To compound this problem, gastric bypass patients need extra nourishment after surgery – around 200% of the daily allowance of vitamins.

Talk to your pharmacist or doctor about vitamins and which ones are right for you.  Check the labels of your multivitamin bottles to ensure that they cover all the bases.  Avoid the colourful children vitamins as they will not have the sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals that you will need.


Biotin is an important vitamin in the battle of hair loss.  Biotin is needed on a daily basis following gastric bypass.  If you are not getting enough biotin, your hair loss may be worse.  The recommended allowance of biotin is around 300mcg’s per day.  As mentioned above, gastric bypass patients need double the daily recommended allowances of vitamins.  Therefore, gastric bypass patients should take around 600 mcg of biotin every day.  Again

consult your doctor and pharmacist.  Your multivitamins may have enough biotin, but if not, take some biotin supplements.


A lack of zinc may also lead to hair loss after your gastric bypass surgery.  The average person should be taking around 15mg of zinc per day.  Because you have just had surgery, you should double you vitamin and mineral intake.  Try to get a multivitamin that has at least 30mg of zinc.  Your doctor and pharmacist will be able to steer you in the right multivitamin and supplement direction.

Hair Care

After surgery, be kind to your hair.  Use gentle shampoos and wash and comb your hair with care and gentleness.  Put your blow dryer and curling iron in the cupboard until you are past the hair loss stage of recovery.

After gastric bypass, proper nutrition (with extra attention to zinc, biotin, and protein consumption) and delicate hair care are the keys to keeping your hair on your head and not in the drain.

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