Just like anybody else, military personnel in Virginia are very often looking to become homeowners. There is that certain something when knowing that the space you live in is all yours. Makes the home feel all warm and cozy on the inside. However, before you get to the part of settling in, you must first deal with the buying process, which certainly isn’t simple and stress-free. For most military personnel, buying a home is the largest and most serious investment they will ever make. Naturally, the pressure is on. For that reason, we are sharing with you the most important home-buying tips for military personnel when looking to purchase a property in the Old Dominion State.

You will need lots of professional help

Before we continue to explore home-buying tips for military personnel, we must touch upon doing things on your own during this not so simple venture. Our number one tip would be to ask for help since one of the main reasons why real estate investments fail is lack of knowledge and poor business decisions. Put together a buying team and make sure your team has the following key players.

Real estate agent

A seasoned real estate agent will be a triple threat during your house-hunting process. Of course, their main purpose is to find you the property of your dreams. Still, that is not all. A great agent will also negotiate on your behalf. He/she will also make sure that your interests are protected on all fronts. No wonder, everybody needs a real estate agent when property shopping in VA.

Legal representation

Once you put down your signature on a piece of paper

there is no turning back. Thus, before you seal the deal, make sure you know what you are in for. A lawyer that specializes in real estate ventures will make sure you get all that you deserve, as well as make you understand which are your obligations during this difficult process.

A woman following our Home-buying tips for military personnel and signing a contract that she looked over with her real estate lawyer.
Before you sign any legal documents make sure you 100% understand what you are committing to.

Professional movers and storage providers

Purchasing your property is only half of the battle. The other half begins with your moving preparations. We had to get the bad news out of the way first! The good news is that there are many reliable and experienced moving companies in VA, that will do the heavy lifting for you. So, take a breather and enjoy your moving day without lifting a finger. Start your search for outstanding moving services by contacting Zippy Shell Northern Virginia.

Storage Solutions

No matter how large your small your new VA home might be, there are always certain items that are better off stored away. If nothing else for the time being. The perfect solutions to such issues are private storage facilities. This facility for household items will give your room extra breathing space.

a little girl hugging her mom which is in a military uniform.
Virginia has always been a go-to state for military personnel. Countless military families have put down roots in this state.

Simple and effective home-buying tips for military personnel

Now that you know that you will need plenty of professional help, it is time to follow our tips that will help you during your home buying process.

Take full advantage of loan options in VA

You might think that you are dreaming, but in VA there are property loans that do not require a down payment. Plus, loans that come through Federal Housing Administration, require no monthly mortgage insurance to be paid. Oh, but that is not all! The good news just keeps rolling in. Veterans that are recipients of monthly disability benefits aren’t obligated to cover the state’s funding fee. Your loan adventure is off to a great start since military personnel has some excellent benefits that they should take full advantage of.

Get familiar with the state’s loan procedures

We mentioned plenty of benefits. Nevertheless, there are still more than a few requirements that you must meet if you want to be a desirable loan applicant. If you need a loan, ask yourself do you meet the following criteria:

  • a strong credit score is a must
  • high enough income to cover the necessary payments
  • apply for the VA Home Loan Certificate of Eligibility
  • prepare and file all military documentation relevant to the process

Only once you have all the needed documents in place and you fit all the needed criteria, should you feel free to reach out to lenders of your choice.

housing loan spelled out on a wooden surface with white block.
A housing loan is something that will follow you for years to come, so before you commit to it make sure you are aware of what you are committing to.

Ignorance is something you can’t afford

Not being knowledgeable in this scenario can be lethal. This one instance when ignorance is not bliss. You must do your homework and cover every single process, procedure, payment and everything else from A to Z. Know which documentation you need, know your rights, know the fees that you are expected to cover, etc. Even if you went through this process once before, double check is everything the same as it was before. Just in case. Better safe than sorry!

But first, know exactly what you are looking for

Our home-buying tips for military personnel will help you reach your ultimate goal – choosing the best possible real estate team and handling your loan. However, there is something that only you can cover. Before you even start your house-hunting process, be certain of what you are looking for. Ask yourself what type of home you are looking to purchase? In which part of VA? Which amenities would you like your property to have? Only once you have the answer to all these difficult questions should you dive in headfirst into your investment. Otherwise, you might do a lot of work to in the end realize that you have purchased a property that doesn’t begin to cover what you actually need. So, get cracking because there is a lot that needs to be done. Your dream home can be just around the corner

Happy house hunting!

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