If you are planning to move to NYC this year

Carroll Gardens is the place to check out. This quiet little neighborhood seems to have it all. From affordable housing costs to great transportation connections. But, is this truly enough to make Carroll Gardens one of the best neighborhoods in NYC? Of course not. To make it clear why moving to Carroll Gardens is a great idea, we are going to go over all the benefits that it has.

To make it clear why moving to Carroll Gardens is a great idea

Why moving to Carroll Gardens in 2020 is a great idea

So, what makes Carroll Gardens one of the best neighborhoods to move into in 2020? Well, there is no one thing. Carroll Gardens doesn’t have a huge employment center, nor does it have some incredibly low housing costs. Instead, it is a combination of various factors that make Carroll Gardens such a terrific place to move to, especially in 2020.

A quiet little place in the middle of NYC

How does one describe Carroll Gardens? Well, try to think of a little city situated in the middle of NYC. Now try to imagine that it is well-maintained, properly organized and that people do their best to keep it so. Well, if you’ve done all of that, you should have a pretty good idea of Carroll Gardens is like. Here you will find a terrific assortment of restaurants (some of them Michelin Rated) and bars. Alongside them, you have inexpensive grocery stores, as well as bakeries and coffee-shops.

And of course, what would Carroll Gardens be without the gardens themselves. While living here you’ll be able to walk around the gorgeous Carroll Gardens park which is the heart of the neighborhood. Near it is the Brooklyn Bridge Park which is a favorite for anyone who enjoys an early morning jog.

Reasonably priced housing

So far Carroll Garden sounds terrific. But, surely the cost of housing in it is staggering. Otherwise, everyone in New York would move in, right? Well, surprisingly, no. Don’t get us wrong, though. Compared to other NYC neighborhoods, Carroll Gardens is a bit expensive. But, it is nowhere near the price you’d expect for such a location and quality of the real estate. Some of the prices you can expect are:

  • $3,839 is the average rent.
  • $900 to $1200 you have to pay per square foot.
  • $800,000 to $900,000 for one-bedroom apartment.
  • $1,300,000 to $1,700,000 for a two-bedroom apartment.

Easy transport

One of the things NYC is notorious for is heavy traffic. Once you start living here you will get used to the idea that a 40 minute trip from your home to your destination is considered short. Especially during the rush hour. So, how does this affect Carroll Gardens? Well, by living here your commute will be one of the best in NYC. Whether you use a bike, a train or a car, visiting Manhattan or any part of NYC will be a breeze. To get to Manhattan you will need 10 minutes by train. The same goes for Downtown Brooklyn. Therefore, once you consider all the benefits, it is not out of the question to use a bike as your main way of transport while living in Carroll Gardens.

How to deal with an NYC relocation

Once you find a decent apartment, living in Carroll Gardens will be a dream. But, moving to Carroll Gardens, on the other hand, can be a bit more difficult. NYC relocations are notorious for being difficult to organize and even more difficult to handle. Now we cannot go over the entire relocation since that would require a whole new article. But what we can do is to mention a couple of tips. With luck, they should help you out and make your relocation a bit easier.

Finding the right NYC movers

The most important aspect of preparing to move to Carroll Gardens is to look for companies that can help you relocate. Only with reliable, local movers will you be able to organize your relocation so that it is efficient and cost-effective. Now, it is important to keep in mind that almost all movers will tell you that they are fully capable of moving you to Carroll Gardens. But, if you want your relocation to be well organized and stress-free, this is hardly the case. Only local movers know NYC well enough to time and plan your relocation so that you avoid traffic. So, do yourself a huge favor and only work with movers whom you can trust.

When and how to pack

One of the mistakes people often make is to pack too early. While starting in time is important, and most companies will advise you to pack at least two weeks before moving, it is also important not to be too eager and pack too soon. If you do so, you will force yourself to live surrounded by boxes. So, ideally, study up on proper packing and only start tackling it two weeks before moving. If you run into some major issues, call someone like Movers 101 NYC to help you out. Just remember not to make too much of a deal from packing.

Moving day stress

One of the things that you have to come to terms with is that in most cases, you are going to experience stress when moving. Carroll Gardens with all its beauty cannot save you from the fact that you’ve moved to NYC. Now, if you have lived here before, moving to Carroll Gardens shouldn’t be too stressful. True, you did change your neighborhood. But this is easily one of the calmest, quietest ones in NYC. On the other hand, if you moved there from another city, you are in for a fair bit of stress. New York is stressful, no matter where you live in it. So, you’d be smart to learn some stress management techniques before you make the Big Apple your home

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