In this era of increased pollution, nothing seems to have captured society more than an increasingly self-conscious behavior towards the protection of the planet. Environmentally responsible behavior has become one of the major factors of our everyday decision-making process. It is incorporated in every aspect of our lives, one way or another. When saving our planet is concerned, even the moving process has evolved to the point of having its green aspect and alternative. When you adopt an ecologically responsible behavior, it’s easy to see all the benefits that come from using eco-friendly packing supplies.

Eco-friendly packing supplies are common in today's market. Eco-bag with the sign re-use on it.

There are different ways of acquiring the moving supplies needed for a move. Cardboard boxes, packing tape, plastic bubbles, protection and cushioning supplies are just some of the supplies you must get. The expense of these supplies can amount to a lot of money. On the other hand, as soon as your move is finished, they become surplus garbage that you have to get rid of. It is a headache to do and also money down the drain. Furthermore, it is additional garbage on the landfill which is not so eco-friendly. To avoid this, many people try to get the supplies for free

reuse and recycle them and use eco-friendly alternatives to decrease their carbon footprint.

Types of supplies

So, what would be eco-friendly packing supplies, packing alternatives and how to get them? Besides the usual way of getting the supplies, it’s important to say that in this time of eco-awareness, the market and supply also changed for the better. Many companies offer eco-friendly moving supplies for rent that make the expense of getting supplies lower. It also decreases the pollution and carbon footprint that the production of other traditional supplies creates. These companies offer shipping and even storage containers for rent. You can easily order those containers to be delivered on moving day and as soon as you are done with them, the company would come to pick them up and rent it to someone else. In that way, these containers are permanently reused, sometimes for long periods, thus reducing the need for other supplies that ultimately become waste in a short period.

The main characteristics of such containers that make them especially valuable are:

  • They are long-lasting and reusable,

  • Robust and hard to damage (resilient plastic),

  • They keep your belongings safe

  • Stackable and stable for moving

On the other hand, many packing solutions are available without any expense and also very eco-friendly. So, what are they and how to use them?

Cardboard boxes

You can always get your hands on cardboard boxes. You can buy them or get them from local stores. Cardboard is biodegradable so it won’t cause too much pollution. If you get cardboard boxes from local stores you are already reusing the cardboard that was ready to be thrown out. In this case, you are doing an eco-friendly service but you will be stuck with them and you will have to dispose of them. On the other hand, boxes can be crowdsourced and after using them, you can return them to be used again by someone else.

Cardboard is a classic solution to packing problems: reusable and eco-friendly.

Cushioning and protection

Fragile stuff is usually protected by using plastic bubbles, polystyrene peanuts, and other cushioning materials. However, there are always eco-friendly solutions readily available for free. Using egg cartons, newspapers, or shredded paper, you can protect your fragile items in a completely ecological way. Also, using scarves, blankets, towels, socks, and other soft materials to wrap and protect your fragile and valuable items is an even more eco-friendly way of packing. Some of the eco-friendly packing supplies can also be acquired from the moving and packing company.

Environmentally-friendly supplies

There are also special and expensive alternatives for packing materials. If you decide to buy your moving supplies, the market can now offer different biodegradable and recyclable alternatives.

Packing peanuts can now be biodegradable, making them the perfect alternative to polystyrene. Air pillows and cushioning are now fully recyclable as a replacement to plastic. Some of the packing materials that can be bought now are made of organic materials like corn starch. These types of packing supplies are fully dissolvable in water and are not in any way a danger to the environment or a source of pollution.

Other tips for an eco- friendly move

Besides this important advice about the available moving supplies, there are also some other tips for making your move eco-friendlier.

Before gathering boxes and bins and other supplies, make an inventory of the containers you already have. It is entirely possible to pack your stuff in old suitcases, bags, backpacks before opting to buy or rent boxes and bins. You can also use dresser drawers, chests, and other containers to save money when packing.

First, get your own cases and supplies

You should also downsize. Use the opportunity to declutter. Give away, donate or sell stuff you haven’t used for at least a year. You certainly don’t need those items, so get rid of them before starting the move. That will make the move easier, faster, and less expensive.

You can also go to such lengths to hire movers that use biofuel. Many movers today offer transport in trucks that run on biodiesel fuel to minimize their carbon footprint and impact on the environment. Ecologically conscious people may also decide to participate in an organized move with other people. Movers can provide compartmentalized trucks that can accommodate moving more people at the same time. These forms of consolidated shipping significantly decrease carbon emissions.

Whichever way you organize your move, always be sure to plan in advance and organize accordingly to avoid and minimize the stress of moving. Always try to gather your moving supplies ahead of time, especially if they are eco-friendly packing supplies. Gather information and prepare. Remember that environmentally responsible behavior can give results if we try to incorporate it in every aspect of our lives, even moving.

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