Finding the right home in which you’ll be happy to invest isn’t an easy task. Of course

there are plenty of different factors that partake in whether a market will be the right fit or not. Purchasing a home in New Jersey makes matters much easier since it offers far better and numerous chances than most other places could. Let’s see what the best real estate investment markets in New Jersey are and how to safely and efficiently get to them.

Hire a real estate agent to help you invest

Although researching on your own is highly recommended, you shouldn’t stop there. Once you get a taste of how incredible some of the real estate investment markets in the New Jersey areas can be, it’s hard not to dive in and explore. Given that not everything is what it seems, hiring a real estate agent to help navigate you through the market will be of great help. Before thinking that not everyone needs a realtor, at least contact a professional and see how you feel about it.

Make sure that you’re choosing the right real estate investment markets in New Jersey

Although there are some great areas in New Jersey worth investing in real estate, you need to be careful. Here are some of the best markets NJ has to offer.


This real estate market in New Jersey is a great one. It’s been flowing over the limits of Hoboken for quite some time now. Its median home value is $768.800. Weehawken is also less crowded and has far more space for growth than Hoboken does. It also has a great location that’s very close to NYC, which makes it accessible. It is excellent both if you want to move here permanently or if you’re looking to rent out your home. If you invest in this market, you’re very unlikely to regret it since its value is constantly rising. Keep in mind that its median rents are 81% higher than the country’s average.

The view of Weehawken from a boat.


Asbury Park

One of the most famous real estate investment markets in New Jersey is Asbury Park. As of late, it has a renewed interest in vacation rentals along the shore. A very high percentage of its residents consists of renters; most of the buyers who wish to rent target those coming to the beaches on vacation. Home values have risen significantly over the past year, and it pays off to own a home in Asbury Park.


Although Moonachie is one of the victims of Hurricane Sandy, this doesn’t mean that it’s an undesirable place for living. What’s more, it’s one of New Jersey’s very desirable real estate investment markets. It’s most certainly made a comeback. Something that makes it as alluring as it is is the fact that Moonachie has the best of both worlds. It’s a great place for most east coast lifestyles, but the recent natural disaster has made it far more affordable than it used to be. Its median home value is $365.000. However, you need to keep in mind that this price is bound to go up over time and that you should invest sooner rather than later. Its proximity to NYC is another great perk of this real estate investment market in NJ.

Jersey City

Jersey City’s median home value is $481.900, with quite a consistent rise over the years. What makes it such a hot real estate investment market in the city of New Jersey is that it’s constantly developing and growing. It’s another area where people mainly rent, so if you’re looking to purchase a home you’ll be able to make some money on, this is an excellent market for you. Moreover, Jersey City has a thriving business-oriented community. Although there hasn’t been much job growth compared to other New Jersey cities, this doesn’t affect the market as much as you’d think it would. It is primarily because many of its residents commute to work anyway.

Jersey City, one of the most famous real estate investment markets in New Jersey.

Cherry Hill

Something that primarily attracts buyers and renters to this investment market for real estate in New Jersey is its low price point. However, this isn’t the only thing that makes them stay. The median home value of Cherry Hill is $269.800, which is far lower than other parts of NJ. One of the reasons people stay here is all the great schools it has, making it a perfect spot for young families. If you’re an investor who wishes to buy low and sell high, this market is a great opportunity. However, don’t get into it if you’re in a rush. It’s profitable only for those who don’t mind waiting for the right opportunity to present itself. Only then can you realize a tidy profit in Cherry Hill.

Atlantic City

The median home values in Atlantic City are $116,711. Of course, just like all other real estate investment markets in New Jersey, this one has been hit by the pandemic. Nonetheless, this doesn’t make it any less desirable in the long scheme of things. Moving to Atlantic City could be a great choice. If you’re looking to relocate here and transport all your belongings with you, the fantastic thing is that Atlantic City offers quality help. It shouldn’t be hard to find great professionals that’ll help you settle down smoothly.

The street view of Atlantic City from above.

Rules begone – follow your gut

Regardless of all the rules and the best real estate investment areas in New Jersey, you must listen to your instincts. The most important thing is for your place to feel like home. Without solely focusing on the market, try to find someplace to make your own. Only when you feel that purchasing a house is the right move should you do it.

Saving up

Investing in real estate markets in New Jersey is a pricey venture. Both purchasing a home and moving there can make a massive dent in your savings. There’s also bound to be plenty of side expenses you won’t even see coming. For example, you’ll need to furnish and renovate your home. Perhaps, you will also decide to move. For this, you will need to hire professional transport services without breaking the bank. All of this is possible, of course. Nevertheless, if you’re not in a rush, think about taking some time to gather your thoughts and start saving up more seriously than you’ve been up until this point.

Accept that failure is a part of the process

Some real estate investments fail. The reason why these mistakes happen can be almost anything. The most important thing is not to blame yourself for the mishaps and trust that you’ve done everything in your power.


No matter what your real estate investment strategy turns out to be, whether it’s commercial, purchasing multi-family properties, or vacation rentals, make sure to work alongside a great real estate agent. It’ll make things a lot easier. As far as buying into one of these real estate investment markets in New Jersey goes, you won’t regret it. Just make sure you’ve given the decision a lot of thought WhiteBusiness & MarketingNew Jersey,real estateFinding the right home in which you'll be happy to invest isn't an easy task. Of course, there are plenty of different factors that partake in whether a market will be the right fit or not. Purchasing a home in New Jersey makes matters much easier since it offers...My magazine about Health, Homeimprovement, Garden, Travel and many more