If you are like most New Yorkers, you probably live in a tiny apartment. And we know that living tiny is tough, especially now while dealing with the virus situation and staying inside in order to protect ourselves from the disease. Everybody is forced to stay home 24/7. We have a lot of time to spend home, but nothing to do. So, why not use that time to remodel or redecorate your apartment. That does not have to be an expensive task. There are many DIY home improvement tips for NYC apartments

suitable for all budgets and skills. Give them a try. Your time in isolation will pass faster and your apartment will end up looking amazing. Are you interested? If the answer, is YES, well keep on reading for some great apartment transforming ideas you can do yourself.


One of the most common DIY home improvement tips is, of course, painting. Repainting the walls simply makes everything in your apartment look better. It can also be said that applying a fresh coat of paint actually rejuvenates the home as well. So, if you have a couple of days to spare, prepare for the repainting project. Get some paint and brushes from your local hardware store and start. But, do not forget to cover your furniture completely. Even better, remove the furniture from your apartment. And where to? Well, for instance, to a storage unit nearby. A moving agency like heartmoving.us can help you with that.

However, do not stick to painting the walls only. If you have the time and funds for buying some more paint and doing another painting project, we recommend painting your furniture as well. Repaint your dining room table and chairs, or the bed frame in your bedroom. By doing this, your furniture will look as new and the vibe in your entire apartment will change.

Cans with paint you can use when applying DIY home improvement tips.
Repainting your apartment is an easy and fun upgrade anybody can do.

Add Storage

What is the one thing that every New York City apartment lacks? Space! Yes, each apartment has that flaw. But, luckily, there are a couple of things you can do to change that. The key is to be creative and resourceful. However, even if you are not a creative type, do not worry, you live in the age of technology and everything is a click away. Go online and look for some creative, space-saving storage ideas other people are using. See how they upgraded storage in their tiny apartments. You can also check some online stores too. They offer a wide variety of storage systems – for creating new ones and adding to the ones you already have. This step will not only add more space to your apartment but also make everything look cleaner and more organized.

Use Statement Pieces to Your Advantage

Statement pieces are something that the entire apartment usually focuses on. And, statement pieces can be anything – a piano, amazingly looking sofa, chandelier, etc. However, even though some of those things look amazing in your apartment, they may not be the most functional. For instance, a piano. If the piano is there just to look pretty and nothing else, get rid of it. By moving your piano, you will get space and the ability to fill that space with a statement piece you actually use on a daily basis. Consider replacing that piano, or any other statement piece you are not using with a sofa, ottoman, a working desk, etc. Choose anything that will contribute to the looks of your apartment but is still functional and used daily.

A dining room area.
Replace your bulky statement pieces with something smaller and more practical.

Swap Out Old Fixtures

If you cannot afford to replace your furniture and upgrade your apartment like that, there is a way! You can, as previously mentioned, repaint some of your furniture pieces. Or, for an even better upgrade, you can swipe the old fixtures on them. For instance, replace the knobs. That is one of the easiest and the cheapest home improvement ideas you can do. You do not even have to go outside. Just look for some knobs online and order the ones you like to be delivered. Moreover, do not focus only on the furniture, see what other fixtures you can swap in your bathroom, kitchen, hallway, etc. You can also replace the lighting fixtures too! But, of course, this will require some skills, so if you are not handy with tools, better wait for a handyman to do it for you.

A bedroom.
You will be surprised by how much your apartment looks better with those simple fixtures replaced.

Be Creative With Art

Sometimes it is really hard not only to be creative with art but to actually incorporate art pieces into a tiny NYC apartment. But, as mentioned many times before, all it takes is a little bit of resourcefulness and a lot of creativity. Again, that is something you can find online. See other people’s creative art ideas and apply their DIY home improvement tips. Check how they transformed their apartments into art pieces. That does not have to be anything expensive or overboard. For example, you can print out your own photos, or the photos you like online. Get some custom frames and place everything on the wall. Use photos/pictures of your liking and you can transform a rental and make it look like home too. This will transform your living area and make it feel more comfy, posh, and stylish. Give it a go

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