The relocation process is, in and of itself, quite a complicated task. Add a newborn to the mix and things can easily get out of hand. In all honesty, everything you do is harder with an infant, even the most basic tasks

let alone moving houses. Still, with the right information and a good plan, everything is solvable. That’s why we’ve collected the most important tips that will make this process much easier to bear. Read on to learn all about moving with a newborn and how to handle it like a great parent that you are!

Organization is everything

Before setting out to your new destination, you have to plan your relocation. This can be challenging no matter what age your kids are, but newborns require constant care and attention. With this in mind, last-minute moves should be avoided. Instead, one of the best moving tips that will make your life easier is to start organizing it two months prior to the moving day. Keep in mind that moving with an infant is a bit more challenging than a regular move as it requires a few more steps. For example, scheduling a doctor’s appointment a week before the move is essential to make sure the baby is healthy. While you’re there, get copies of medical records and ask for recommendations for the pediatrician in your new town.

Also, another one of the moving tips that will make your life easier is looking into prior to the move is new daycare. It’s quite common that facilities have long waiting lists and just because you’re moving with a newborn doesn’t mean you won’t start working right away. By thinking of all the details on time you minimize the stress, which leaves you prepared to tackle unexpected issues.

a person writing down a plan before moving with a newborn
Planning on time will greatly simplify the process of moving with a newborn

Hire packing and moving professionals

However, what happens if you’re a single parent or if you simply don’t have time on your hands? Don’t worry, there’s still a solution, and it’s worth those extra few hundred dollars. You can hire a professional packing service that will take care of all your belongings while you concentrate on the baby’s needs. After all, who wants to tackle with wrapping up their fragile glassware while the baby is wailing for a feed in their crib? Of course, if you prefer handling the packing by yourself, seeking help from friends or family might be a good solution. Also, having a babysitter watch your baby will provide you with enough free time to organize your things. In addition, consider hiring a cleaner as well, as this can also simplify the process greatly. When it comes to transportation, a professional relocation company will take care of moving all your household items to your new place. The key is not to overbear yourself with more responsibilities than you can handle.

Be aware of safety concerns

When you’re moving with a newborn, your number one concern should be ensuring safety through all moving stages. During packing, that means keeping potentially dangerous objects like scissors out of the child’s reach. Secondly, finding a family-friendly moving company like All Season Movers will make a huge difference as well. Of course, if you’re renting a van, providing a backseat for the baby is a must. Make sure you’ve followed all the rules and regulations and attached it correctly.

a toddler sleeping in car
Installing an infant car seat is essential before starting your journey

The best way to avoid stress when moving house with a newborn is to have your partner or other trusted family member be with the baby during transit. An even better solution for when you have to unpack would be a travel cot.

The moving day is going to be full of running around, so having a safe place where the baby can play will make things easier for you. In case you’re flying with the baby, contact the airline to ensure you’re following all regulations concerning babies. Keeping all these things in mind and planning in advance will mean you’ll prepare accordingly.

Have a baby’s essentials box with you on moving day

Going out without a changing bag is impossible if you have a newborn. Moving is no different – in fact, if you’re moving long-distance, you’ll need to pack quite a lot of baby essentials for the road. If you’re unsure what to bring with you, we’ve already written about dealing with baby products, so take a look. To give you an idea, here’s your essentials box checklist for moving with a newborn:

  • diapers and wipes
  • 1 or 2 changes of clothing and/or pajamas
  • security blanket or favorite stuffed toy
  • formula food, water, and other drinks
  • a bottle or a sippy cup
  • first aid kit and thermometer

It’s important you keep these baby essentials with you in the car, so you won’t have to make unnecessary stops to take them out of the trunk. Another idea that will work is keeping the child distracted by playing a cartoon or calming music. With this in mind, have your mobile or tablet fully charged before setting out on the road.

children's stuffed toy
Bring your baby’s favorite toy so you can easily calm them down during the car ride

Surviving the moving day

It’s one thing to plan for moving with a newborn, but quite another to actually go through it. After all, you cannot know what mood your little one is going to be in and how he or she will handle the trip. It’s quite normal and expected for them to be irritable at times, so make a few breaks along the way. Soothe the baby by Playing, feed them, or simply take a walk outside. Also, if they want to be held, having a front carrier or wraps will make multitasking easier since you’ll have your hands free. Of course, the parent who isn’t driving should be seated next to the baby and keep her entertained. In the end, the two of you know your infant the best, so there’s no doubt you’ll find a way to make this trip fun

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