Here you will find a lot of useful tips about dorm room decor

So, the moment has come. You are moving to college. This is a big change and you want to be prepared. If you are thinking about your dorm room and you are worried that it will be blank and uncomfortable – don’t worry. Here you will find a lot of useful tips about dorm room decor. You will be missing home and you want to make your room as comfy as possible.

Do research about dorm room decor

So, naturally, the first thing you should do is to search online for some ideas about decorating your dorm room. You can search for pictures, ideas and talk with other people. Maybe they can give you ideas on how to decorate your room and what would be best for your space. Also, check what you can actually change in your room.

Do research and find some new ideas

Pay attention to your bed

Your bed will be the centerpiece of your dorm room. And if you want to feel comfortable and relaxed – you should decorate it. You can play with different colors

textures, and fabrics
. Combine different things, and make your little unique piece of heaven.

You can buy small pillows and place different cushion covers on them. They can be in different colors, shapes, and sizes. You can place some of your favorite heroes on the pillowcases.

Choose pillowcases that you like!

Make sure to get warm and colorful blankets. When relocating to Ontario, CA for college you need to make sure to have enough warm blankets. You can create a really warm and welcoming atmosphere in your dorm room. The first rule of dorm room decor is that it should make you feel welcome and happy!


Lamps can really make a difference. A good lamp can really change the room for the better. You can play with different types of light. And if you like candles – you can place them around the room. Don’t be afraid to try different things and to experiment with the light. Just make sure that you have a good lamp when you are studying.


You can buy different types of rugs. They have different textures, sizes. You can play with colors. A rug is almost as important as a bed. The easiest way to adjust to your new surroundings and long winters in Canada is to have something that helps to create a homey feeling. So, choose a rug that you like and place it in your dorm room. Dorm room decor is easy if you let yourself to try different things.

Play with different texture and colors

Don’t forget the walls!

So, as you probably know, the dorm room walls are blank. And that gives you a great opportunity to play with colors and styles. Posters are always popular and you can place some in your dorm room. You can choose your favorite movie character or maybe some inspirational quote. It is completely up to you.

Another option is to place pictures of your family, friends in nice picture frames. Picture frames can have different colors, sizes, and styles. Think about walls as a perfect opportunity to express yourself and your creativity. Feel free to play and combine different things.

Storage can be fun!

So, you will probably need additional space in your dorm room. You will bring a lot of your belongings with you, and you might need some creative ideas on how to use the space around you. You should look for those little-hidden places that people often forget.

Use different boxes, plastic bins to pack your things. Think vertically and buy some furniture that will help you to maximize your space. And you can make storage fun by using different plastic bins and placing them on some unusual spots.

Faux plants can be fun as well

So, if you don’t have or you are too scared to have live plants in your room – faux plants can help as well. Plants, even when they are not real, are always adding life to space. They create a warm atmosphere. And the best thing is that you can find them in so many variations. You can use small ones or big ones, flowers or just some simple green leaves. It is completely up to you.

Faux flowers will create a really nice atmosphere


Ottomans can be used for storage as well. It is a great idea to have this piece of furniture since you will be able to put your feet up, use it as storage and when you have guests – you can use them as chairs. So, as you can see, this is something that should be your main goal – have things that have multiple purposes.


One of the most important things in your dorm room are accessories. They help you in your day to day life, they help you in packing your things, they make your dorm room beautiful. When it comes to accessories, you should use them how you see fit. You can use a small organizer for your desk, you can decorate your furniture. Basically, it is never enough when it comes to accessorizing your dorm room. Just don’t pay too much money for the accessories. It is better to buy something cheaper and change it often.

Renovating your dorm room decor

If you have roommates, you should talk with them about painting your walls or changing some piece of furniture. Of course, this can be done if it is allowed. If you can change the colors of the walls – go for it. Color them how you like. Also, buy some furniture that has multiple uses. That way, you are saving some space and creating a warm atmosphere.

When you are done decorating a dorm room – relax!

Once you have placed everything you wanted and changed things around your dorm room – have a cup of tea and enjoy your warm blankets and colorful pillows

Sit back and relax and prepare for the upcoming challenge – college! SimeonovHome ImprovementDecoration,interiorSo, the moment has come. You are moving to college. This is a big change and you want to be prepared. If you are thinking about your dorm room and you are worried that it will be blank and uncomfortable - don't worry. Here you will find a lot...My magazine about Health, Homeimprovement, Garden, Travel and many more