Ultimate Guide To Stay Healthy While Playing Video Games

Before talking about health tips for game addiction let’s get to know what is game addiction

Game Addiction

Before talking about health tips for game addiction let’s get to know what is game addiction. Normally when a gamer starts to play a game he want stop playing it. He will spend as much as he has until the game ends or until it gets boring. Spending that much of time on game playing is not healthy for any one. When a player is addicted to a game he or she like to be isolated from others and ignores his all the responsibilities. Some players don’t even get up to eat or drink. Playing a game like this is call addicted to it. If a player get addicted to a game like that different kind of serious types of health issues can come to your life. So as a gamer you should consider about buying a gaming chair for you. Otherwise you want be able to survive as a healthy person if you are a player whose addicted to gaming. So choosing a healthy game chair is a must thing you have to fallow.

Game Addiction Is A Disorder Or Not

According to the research done by medical teams are saying this not any kind of disorder. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-iV) is the main research team whose working on this. Even though some professionals and parents recognize game addiction as a real disorder it is not mentioned as a real disorder from DSM-IV.

Symptoms Of Game Addiction

To find some person is addicted to games there is no real diagnostic. Because there is no agreed symptoms for game addiction. To find if a person is addicted to games researchers take the diagnostics criteria for gambling and apply it to game addicted person to see if he or she is addicted to games or not.

  • Remarkable isolation from school, work or relationship
  • To keep on playing avoid all other things
  • For the favor of gaming you are not attending for any social events
  • Most of all the time playing games
  • Poor sleep habit because playing games until late night
  • Previous activities and hobbies will become less interested
  • 8 hours or more gaming time for a day
  • Dry or red eye
  • Sore fingers

    neck or back
  • No proper eating habits
  • Weight gain

There are lots of identified symptoms within them these are few major things.

Who Is Most At Risk For Computer Game Addiction?

Normally everyone who plays games will get addicted to it. Games are developed to happen like that. Otherwise they don’t have any players to play their game. So because of games some players will get unhealthy by spending too much of his time on playing the game.

  • Children and teens are the most affected category which can have issues by having game addiction
  • Males
  • People who has some psychology difficulties such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem
  • People who has higher level of neuroticism

How Computer Games Become Addicted?

There are different types of games. Some are racing games, strategic games, first person games and many more. Through these category First person games and strategic games are highly addictive than the racing games. Computer games such are world of Warcraft, call of duty type of games fall in to this category. Developers of these kind games carefully thought and develop their game where the player won’t get bored. These games are highly equipped with lots of features and many more things. Players of the game will feel like they are actually in the game. That’s why most of the players get addicted to these kinds of games.

  • Most of these games are developed to put minimum level of effort go to the next level on its early stages. When the player get used to playing levels one by one the games are getting step by step hardy so the player will like it more and after being addicted he won’t stop playing.
  • These games end cannot be predicted for its player.
  • Some games players have to cooperate with other players. These games are developed like that because when the player and his team mates get to know each other they are more likely to play the game more often.

How Much Children Will Get Addicted To Games

As per the researches definition they are saying that estimated range is 2% – 10% will get addicted to games. Since this is just an estimation because there is no proper criteria to measure game addiction.

Common Symptoms Of Game Addiction

Symptoms are almost same for internet addiction.

Social Consequences

If you are a game addicted person you will spend more time on playing games rather than taking to the people around you. Game addicted person will try to avoid meeting peoples and avoid parties and other events where they can interact with people. The person will have lack of face-to-face human contact, experience loneliness and isolation, less relationship with people.

Academic And Carrier Less Performance

People who are addicted to games they will mostly experience falling grades in his education and in his career he will show less performance and dedication. Game addicted person will give away on doing his homework, studying for tests, let go on his responsibilities of his career to play the game he like. This can be seen on both children and adults. For game addicted persons other than his game all things will become less priority to his life.

Spending Huge Amount

If a person is a game addicted one he will spend lots of money on new games and new features or option of a game. If this addiction goes to its extreme level the person will get poor by spending lots of money on these games or can be get fires from his job because of playing games while on work or absent from work more often.

Family Problem

These persons family life is a mess because he gives less attention on his relationship than the game. So most of the time conflictions, matters and many more family problems can come to his life. Even though he has to face lots of problems game addicted person never will accept that the problem is playing games throughout his whole day. Most of the time they will say that his partner is trying to control him other than accepting playing the game makes all these problems.

Health Issues

Most of the game addicted person will neglect his personal hygiene. They have poor sleep habit, no healthy physical activities and even his meal plans are also get changed. Mostly he will choose quick and easy meat rather than having a proper meal because he like to spend more time on playing the game rather than spending that time on having his meals and doing other physical things.

Emotional And Psychological Change

Game addicted person will have depressed mood, low self-esteem, social anxiety, low frustration tolerance, anger and feeling shame and guilt for not being able to control his habit of gaming.

Health Tips For Game Addiction

This is a newly developed health issue in the world. Day by day when our technology develops gamers will have a more reality world gaming experience. So they will be addicted to games more than that happens with old games. So researches and medical persons have to newly identify the symptoms of addiction of games to give proper health tips for the players.


Sleep is one of the most important things for our body. If we are not having enough sleep for the day it directly affects to our brain and body. Hallucination, drop of body temperature, confusion, increase blood pressure, seizure and hormone change are some of the bad things which can happen to our body because of having less sleep. Having a quick nap will be a solution for all those. But most of the times when you are addicted to games you tend not to go to sleep as much as you can. People who suffer from sleep disorders tend to live shorter life. This is mainly because of heart problems, diabetes and cancer. So make a habit of having enough sleep for the day if you want you live longer life. If you have any plan to play a game for a long time better to have at least short time of sleep between your play time.

Eat And Drink

Death which cause by playing games has happen after playing more than 40 hours of gaming continuously without taking any rest. If you are fit enough you can play a game without taking any break for a long time. But when time passes your mind will not be as sharp as it should be. Addicting to a game and play it continuously without any break for food or water will cause low blood sugar level on your body so you will feel really tired and headache.

Eating three meals is a good habit if you can fallow even though you are too busy with playing the game. Spend some of your gaming time because food is a must thing you should have if you want to live further. If you don’t have time to spare consider having some fruit or calories full quick bite which will be able to power up your body.

So as food keep in mind to have enough water to your body. Even though you can survive a day without food you never be able to survive without water. So keep a bottle or something near you and drink as much as you can.

Stand Up And Stretch Your Body

Sitting in a same place for a long time is not good to your body. It can affect your neck, spine; reduce muscle strength and heart diseases. Make a habit to standup at least once an hour and have a quick break. If you can take a small walk that’s fare better than standing up. So if you are addicted to gaming and you are willing to play long hours make habit of this.

Make a habit to stretch your hands and body when you stand up. Because when you are sitting on a same place on same posture it’s not good for your body and muscles. So make a habit to do so it a good practice if you are a game addicted person.

Give Rest For Your Eyes

When we looking at a same place for a long time our eyes will begin to hurt. Especially this happens when we are looking at flicking lights. If you don’t give a proper break for your eyes your eyes will get weak. As a game addicted person you should know when you get headache, blurred vision, dry eyes, double vision your eyes are getting weaker because of playing games for a long time. So make sure to give a rest for your eyes as well.

Use A Suitable Gaming Chair For You

If you play games for a long time you better considering buying a gaming chair for you. If you buy a gaming chair it will help your body to stay on a same place for a long time. It will help your posture and that’s long time investment for your life if you are a game addicted person who plays more than normal time of gaming

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