How to save money when moving

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How to save money while moving?

Once in a while, all of us can use a shake-up of our usual routines. And sometimes, we need even more than that. When you’re stuck in a rut, or you don’t like something major about your life, there’s really only one solution – moving to a new city. But what if you can’t afford to splurge on a big, expensive relocation? And let’s face it – relocations can get quite costly. That’s why you need to learn how to save money while moving. Don’t worry though – we’re here to give you some useful tips and tricks on that very subject.

Planning everything out is the key

Another thing you should know about relocating is – it can become quite chaotic. There’s really no way around that. You’ve got endless chores to juggle, both big and small, and all at the same time. But, here’s something that helps you with that and lets you save money while moving – a thorough moving plan. That’s right – if you start planning everything out on time, you’ll actually see just how easy a relocation can be. First of all, having an orderly way of doing things will make sure that you’re more methodical and careful. And because of that, you’ll make fewer mistakes. Really, we can’t overemphasize the importance of planning.

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If you start planning on time, you’ll save money while moving more easily!

Even more importantly, if you’re trying not to spend too much money – you’ll know exactly what your expenses are. Because, once you start listing everything that you have to do and buy, you’ll see that, for most things, you already know the cost. So, you sum up everything from your moving plan, and voila – you’ve got your total moving budget. And if that figure exceeds your current financial abilities, you’ll know just how much money you need to cut down from the expenses tab.

Finding affordable movers

Of course, knowing how much you need to cut down on spending doesn’t really solve your problems. But now that you fully realize what you’re dealing with, you can start exploring your options. For example – one of the first things you need to do is hire cheap but reliable movers. Start browsing online and asking around for as many referrals as you can get, and eventually you will find the moving assistance you have been looking for.

Naturally, you’ll also consider attempting a DIY relocation. While this will significantly cut your costs, and thus help you save money while moving, we don’t recommend it. To put it simply – you’re dealing with your personal belongings here. So, any mistakes you make will be an additional cost to you. And if you’re not a professional mover, chances are great that you might not do everything perfectly. At the end of the day, hiring an affordable moving company is your best way to save some money, while not risking much.

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Find the most affordable movers to cut down on costs!

Pick the right time to move

Once you start asking around for moving companies, you’ll begin receiving moving estimates from them; and naturally, some will be more affordable than others. But there are ways to make sure that you get even cheaper prices, overall – and timing is key here. First of all, you need to decide during which season and month you will move. Logically, most people choose to move when the weather is the most inclined – which means the warmer months. So, if you pick fall or winter, you might be able to get better prices from movers because they have less business then.

Furthermore, once you’ve got your moving month set in stone – the week you choose also matters. Because the moving industry is the busiest at the end and the beginning of every month – avoiding that ‘rush hour’ can mean getting more affordable estimates. And lastly – avoid weekends when picking your specific moving day. If you can squeeze in a moving day during the work week, you’ll stand a better chance of saving money while moving.

Use the right packing materials to save money while moving

Also, one of the biggest parts of the expense tab of your relocation is definitely the packing materials you’ll have to buy. We’re talking about moving boxes, labels, and smaller stuff, like packing tape. Luckily for you, there are ways to save money while moving by using cheaper alternatives for these.

A teddy bear in a cardboard box.
Picking the right packing materials will assure your precious items are safe!

For example – instead of using brand new moving boxes, you can probably get used ones for much less – even for free. Just hit up your local liquor stores or supermarkets. The staff is bound to offer you some of their unneeded cardboard boxes for free. Be careful though – old, rundown boxes are some of the things you should avoid while moving. Check them to see if they’re too shabby or about to break apart because saving money while moving won’t really matter if your stuff starts spilling around and breaking inside the moving van. Also, you may be prompted to spend money on packing protection made out of foam. But there are cheaper options – you can just crumble up old papers and magazines and fill the boxes with that.


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