There is no doubt that the city that never sleeps is constantly changing. New York is fluid and always on the move. It has a booming economy and today it is even a high-tech business center. However, its traditional business areas are changing. The IT sector is expanding all over the city. With this new development

some places are becoming increasingly popular for IT. If you are in this industry, you may find some of the info here valuable. So, let’s see about NYC neighborhoods popular among IT businesses. Let’s explore how the high-tech industry is changing NYC.

The changing city

It seems they the geography of New York is changing. A world-renowned Flatiron district is currently not the tech industry center of NYC. This change was caused by the increasing prices of real estate and leases in the area. At the same time, the growing need for office space is drawing IT companies to seek more affordable and bigger offices.

This caused them to stretch their reach in the lower Manhattan area and other boroughs of New York that are becoming increasingly more important to IT workers. It seems that these companies are seeking trendy areas but also rely on the lower cost of rent that was brought on by the 2009 financial crisis.

Manhattan is among NYC neighborhoods popular among IT businesses
IT industry is changing New York

It is understandable as more than 100.000 IT professionals are working in almost 7000 of these companies in New York. The space for these companies is in high demand as the industry is making a comeback. Blockchain, biotech, AI, and fintech are increasingly tied to New York.¬†With all this info let’s see which of them are most popular in the IT sector.

  • Midtown
  • Soho
  • FiDi
  • Dumbo
  • Flatiron
  • Chelsea

This is why more professionals are moving to different parts of the city many of whom are seeking for any form of moving assistance. Also, these companies are clustering in different neighborhoods and areas of the city taking up the spaces once reserved for bankers and brokers.


Midtown Manhattan is traditionally the business hub and center of the city. It is the most densely populated area and the center for many renowned companies. Today, even despite the trend of remote working it is increasingly popular for IT companies. Many of them are renting offices here in the most iconic part of the city. Besides the UN and the other political and cultural elements present here IT is making an entrance to Midtown.


It may come as a surprise that Soho is on the list of NYC neighborhoods popular among IT businesses but it is true. this artsy, upscale neighborhood had a varied past but today is becoming popular with the IT industry. Many tech companies are moving in eager to exploit the prime location of the neighborhood, public transport connections, and proximity to FiDi and Midtown.


Financial District is known for its financial history and it is the financial center of the city and the states. It encompasses a large area south of chambers street. It is home to the stock exchange and the federal reserve, NASDAQ, and other financial institutions. As such it is a powerful financial sector that is diversifying today. Many IT companies are discovering the area. This is leading them to move in and are taking over much of the real estate expanding their activities through FiDi.

Computer setup at a workplace
The high-tech industry is spreading rapidly.


The most tech-oriented neighborhood of Brooklyn is Dumbo. It started drawing in tech companies early in IT development. So, many companies started their offices here. The reasons were plentiful. First DUMBO offered cheap office space and low rent. It is also very close to the city and well connected. There are also vast open workspaces perfect for startup tech companies. All of these factors caused a fast development and setting in of the tech companies. In a short time, they transformed the area from a warehouse neighborhood to one of the leading high-tech areas of the city.

Flatiron District

The Flatiron District is a landmark in New York. The flatiron building that is at the center was once a popular landmark as the highest building. The whole area was a popular business hub. However, today this district has changed. It is a residential area with plenty of restaurants and shops. The publishing industry still thrives here but otherwise, the business sector is not very active.

However, the tech industry recognized the area as a potential hotbed for tech companies. For a while, the district really was a hub for the tech industry in the city. Although many of the companies are still here, it is losing their influence. This is because the tech companies are moving and spreading to other already mentioned parts of the city.


Chelsea is becoming increasingly more interesting to IT companies. Both Google and WeWork have their offices here. Besides this presence, there are numerous tech companies stationed here. However, the area is still not as popular as the flatiron district. It seems that Chelsea is still holding on to its reputation as an artsy area of the city. With over 200 galleries it certainly still is.

A person working in a computer lab
There is a lot of potential for IT in NYC

In conclusion

New York has always been and still is a financial center and a hotbed of new industries and activities. However, over time it is changing and developing. New high-tech, IT, and other companies are moving in search of developed markets and potential clients. Many of them are coming from other parts of the US while some are moving through the city in search of better business conditions.

This is why there are always in search of relocation services to complete their relocation. Many movers here are ready to provide a smooth transfer to any location these companies define as their destination. These commercial moves are frequent in New York and today they are needed in the IT sector as it tends to spread through the city.

In short, NYC is still a hotbed of activity and economy. However, now it is becoming increasingly high-tech oriented. So, it’s no surprise that there are many NYC neighborhoods popular among IT businesses today

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