Here are 6 ways to consider if you’re handling introverted employees.

In the world of work, you’ll truly get to know a lot people from different walks of life and different personalities. As an employer

you get to meet business partners, clients, employees and job applicants. The work life, specifically as an employer, indeed teaches you a lot, and one of the most impactful of them is that you get to discover people beyond their identification cards, and you see tons of similarities and heaps of differences.

Usually, your leadership and coaching strategy depends on what types of person your employees are. In the workplace, there are extroverted and introverted employees. The main distinction is in their socialization and interaction. Some employers find some difficulties working with introverts maybe because they themselves are introverts too, and some reject them maybe because they don’t understand them fully. So among the many questions of employers and their HR Departments, “how should we work with introverts?” and “how should I manage an introverted employee?” are two of the biggest employee-related concerns which this article will shed some light to!

Here are 6 ways to consider if you’re handling introverted employees.

1 – Be Approachable

Being an introvert doesn’t mean being fearful of human interaction! They can just be extremely shy as a person and will choose to do things alone because that’s what they prefer. An introverted employee can work well, but they can also be shy to approach you or anyone else. Among all the people in the workplace, it must be you, as the employer, who is considered as the kindest person for an introverted employee so they will be able to approach you without hesitation. It doesn’t mean that you have to be attention-seeking. Just be friendly and approachable.

2 – Value Their Personal Space and Time

Introverted employees are usually quiet. There may be moments when they get drained after long hours of socializing. They need refueling so they can function better and get ready for more interaction and work. Introverts may prefer to think and work in an area where silence is observed so don’t just barge in their space. Also, value their time because introverts can showcase their best most likely when they can concentrate alone in a time they’re comfortable. Give them time to think of suggestions, comments and an answer to questions, especially if you don’t need an immediate response. Pressuring them might not give the best results. Respect their comfort space and time because they always and essentially need it for themselves and for their work.

3 – Converse Face-to-Face and One-on-One

Your introverted employees may not be as close to you as the outgoing ones, so they might not approach you easily. Do the move. Conduct one-on-one meetings with your employees, most especially your introverted employees. Check their work progress. Check their health if necessary. Just check on them generally. Introverts have a lot to tell you too, as their employer, but they might be more at ease if it’s through a personal conversation with you in an enclosed and peaceful area for privacy and safety of information.

4  – Maximize the Use of Virtual Communication

Social media, together with applications, softwares and technological devices that connect us, provides a huge help for you and your introverted employees. Conversing via email and other social media platforms enable your introverted babies to freely and confidently express their thoughts and feelings. It saves them from getting pressured and, at times, feeling awkward in face-to-face conversations. They prefer encoding or writing their thoughts and sending them to you because aside from it saves their energy, they can carefully think of and edit their messages.

5 – Know Their Likes

If you want to be comfortable with your introverted employees and if you want them to also be to you, then, take note that you can be friends too and not just workmates or boss-and-employee. Get to know more about them, but don’t invade them. You can see their interests through their social media accounts, their desks, their clothes, etc. Compliment them. Randomly ask them about their day or their favorites whenever possible. You might find their interests your interests too, and that would make a topic for you to start talking to them in a casual way when work is done. Discovering their likes and sharing yours will start a spark of connection between you, enabling you to work well together too.

6 – Simply Listen

One of the most usual characteristics of introverts is that they don’t talk too much or they’re not too confident when they do. They’re really mindful of what they say. They have few carefully-picked words. Listen to them carefully to obtain their best performances and thoughts or to understand their problems and situations. They don’t talk that much as others do, so when they do, take it as a precious opportunity. Some call it a “miracle” when a usually quiet friend talks, so just like that, value that miracle by listening attentively to your introverted employees whether it be work-related or not, positive or negative.

Companies, and maybe including you as an employer, prefer the outgoing people. Unless the job you’re offering is really for extroverts ONLY, don’t imprison yourself from that thought because you might miss the best people for the job, who are actually introverts. Some employers might turn down an applicant immediately after knowing that he/she is an introvert. Being introverted isn’t equal to being incompetent and unenthusiastic. Sometimes, the best people you’re looking for your vacancies are the ones sitting far from the others or the ones silently thinking in the corner of the room.



Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for HR Dept AUS, an Australian company providing HR support and services for any kind of business. Before the Communication field, Psychology is Nicole’s long-time love and interest because people’s behaviour intrigues and fascinates her a lot! As a writer and as a person, she wants to inspire and empower people in many ways possible. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts

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