Ending a marriage, whether is two years or two decades old is tough. It is even tougher when you have children

pets, and a lot of mutual assets. But, that will not be today’s topic as that is something you should figure out with your partner and with an attorney. Today’s topic will be about moving out of your old home and moving into a new one. Even though each move is unique and different, there are some things that divorce relocations have in common. And, we are here to share them with you as we know that now you need all the help you can get. Thus, if moving out after a divorce is something that may interest you, keep on reading.

Find Your New Home ASAP

When your marriage ends and you feel the need to move out, the first thing you need to do is find your new home. It is rather straight forward – you will need the place to go to. Of course, you can stay with your friends or family members as well, but eventually, you will need to look for a place of your own. The sooner you start looking for one, the better. Moreover, the sooner you find a home the more moving stress you will avoid.

Start by deciding on the neighborhood you want to live in. Then, research that particular market. If you have never done this before, you might experience some difficulties when finding a home. Do not worry, when that happens, you can always ask a professional real estate agent to help you find a home that suits your needs and your budget. Look for local real estate agents as they are usually the cheapest and the fastest.

The key in the lock of an open door one has left when moving out after a divorce.
Start looking for your new home as soon as you finalize the divorce.

Hire Professional Help to Ease the Process

After you have found your new home or at least a place to crash, start looking for a professional moving agency such as zippyshellcolumbus.com. Believe it or not, but this kind of professional help will come with a lot of advantages. For example, they will offer to do the following:

  • Bring all the necessary packing materials
  • Come with their own moving truck
  • Pack and prepare all your stuff for relocation
  • Load and unload the moving truck
  • Deal with all the heavy lifting
  • Provide you with a storage unit if necessary

Depending on the moving agency, you may be offered some other services as well. So, make sure to ask around. However, professional movers will not only help you with all the moving-related tasks but will also ease the process of relocation. With their help, you will not have to rely on anybody else’s help and you will decrease the time you have to spend in your ‘ex’ home.

Minimize the Stuff You Plan on Packing

Whether you plan on hiring movers or having a DIY kind of divorce relocation in Columbus, you will need to minimize the stuff you plan on packing. This is important for many reasons. First of all, most of those items will be shared with your partner and will bring out the sentimental aspects. Thus, ditch whatever makes you feel sad and angry. Bring only what is absolutely necessary for your new life. And, when speaking of a new life, keep in mind that you will be starting fresh and that you need to avoid spending too much! Having that in mind, just think about all the moving costs you will have to pay for relocating tons of stuff. Thus, save yourself from those troubles and minimize the number of items you plan on taking with you.

Minimizing will not be easy. So, sit down and think about the things necessary for your ‘starting over’. As previously mentioned, bring only what is absolutely necessary for you, bring the things that are irreplaceable. When it comes to the rest of your stuff, you can either consider donating, selling or giving them away.

A teddy bear in a cardboard box.
Get rid of sentimental items and bring only what you need.

Call Your Friends To Help When Moving out after a Divorce

When moving out after a divorce in Columbus, you will need your friends. You will need them for everything! Call them if you need help when moving, especially if you cannot afford to hire professional movers or if you want to cut those moving costs. You cannot carry all those boxes and pieces of furniture by yourself. Moreover, call your friends if you were not able to find your new home on time. Most of them will offer their home for you to ‘crash’ until you get back on your feet. But, most importantly, call your friends for emotional support! That is what you will need the most after a divorce.

Of course, you will need some time to be alone when all of this happens. But do not stay alone for too long as you might start to feel depressed, scared, deserted, etc. Try to be around people as much as you can. Thus, do not hesitate to call your friends!

Three women laughing.
Your friends will pick you up when you are down.

Unpack and Settle in Quickly

You are almost done. If you completed all the steps from above, the only things left are to unpack and settle down. The first one you can do, as previously mentioned, ether with the help of a moving agency or alone. Choose what is easier for you and what is easier on your budget.

Try to unpack and settle down as quickly as possible as you will want to turn that new leaf and start fresh as soon as possible too! Moreover, you will also need a place to unwind as well. There will be days when you will not know what to do after that divorce, so having a room ready and unpacked may be the best thing you have done once moving out

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