Relocating as an ex-pat is more complicated for various reasons. One of them is a lack of knowledge about a city you’re about to move to, which makes it harder to pick a perfect home and location. Even though Jeddah is considered to be a great city popular among ex-pats, there are still advantages and disadvantages of living there. If you’re about to move there, we have a helpful guide to ease the process a bit. Here’s what you should know about the good and bad neighborhoods for ex-pats in Jeddah

SA – everything to know about the city and how to choose the perfect location for your new home.

Picking the right neighborhoods

When moving to a new city, everybody is faced with the same challenge – how to pick the right neighborhood. Before we go to the list of good and bad places in Jeddah, let’s go through some tips on how to narrow the list of choices and pick your favorite. So, to pick the best neighborhood in Jeddah for your new life chapter:

  • think about the commute time – if you already have a job, check the location of the new office and calculate the commute time. Jeddah is pretty big, so choosing a home that’s closer to your work means saving a lot of time and making the best out of your working days.
  • crime rates – Jeddah is pretty safe, but still, be sure to check the crime rate of the neighborhood you like. Living in a safe place will give you peace of mind and help you feel more relaxed in a new environment.
  • costs – there are more and less expensive neighborhoods in the city. Pick the ones according to your budget.
  • visit the neighborhoods you like – if possible, it’s best to visit the neighborhoods you like and feel the vibe. Imagine yourself living in these areas to see if they are right for you.
  • pick a home according to your lifestyle – think of the most important characteristics and amenities you want from a neighborhood, so you can pick the one according to your lifestyle and requirements.
  • learn more about Jeddah – be sure to learn all you need to know about the city you’re moving to. This way, you’ll find it much easier to adjust and choose the best place to live.
A man ready for the move waiting at the airport after carefully studying the good and bad neighborhoods for ex-pats in Jeddah.
Have you made the right decision?

What are good and bad neighborhoods for ex-pats in Jeddah, SA

Let’s start on a positive note. Most of the ex-pats choose the central and northern areas of the city – especially those closer to the airport. Here are some great neighborhoods you should consider if moving to Jeddah:

  • Al Hamraa
  • Al Shatiea
  • Al Rawda
  • Al Salamah
  • Palestine Street

These are the top five neighborhoods in Jeddah that provide excellent housing choices, great sights, shopping, and commute options. However, be sure to do some more research so you can narrow the list to your favorite options.

A mosque in Jeddah at night.
You can find both good and bad neighborhoods for expats in Jeddah, SA – how to pick the right one?

Are there bad neighborhoods in Jeddah, SA?

Unfortunately, several neighborhoods are not recommended by ex-pats in Jeddah. The reason is that these areas suffer neglect in terms of cleanliness, supervision, and good roads and sidewalks. If you’re an ex-pat moving to Jeddah, maybe you should avoid neighborhoods such as Ghulail, Petromin, ALfadel. These are not the first choices of ex-pats, so you should look for a home in some other parts of the city.

Moving as an ex-pat

Probably the most difficult part of the moving process is organizing the whole move without stress. To help you out, we prepared a couple of tips so you can arrive at Jeddah without any problems.

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Jeddah has a lot to offer – make sure you move there safely.

Get reliable help

Moving to a foreign city is difficult on your own. That’s why it’s good to have a professional to help you out. A team that’s experienced with expat moves. Four Winds SA specializes in international moves and can help you have a smooth and fast relocation.

Learn the language

It will be much easier to find a new home and get around if you know the language. Start learning Arabic as soon as you find out about the move. At first, a couple of common words and phrases will be enough. After the move, it will be easier to become more proficient as you get in touch with the language while talking to the locals.

Save money

Another thing that’s very important when moving to a foreign country is having the safety net in terms of the budget. Start saving money once you decide to move, so you can have enough in case something unexpected happens.

Find a job

Start looking for a job on time. Whether you’re looking for a job in a big company, or want to start a business in Jeddah, make plans on time. Jeddah has a big expat community, so getting in touch with them is a great start.

Rent a home

After reviewing good and bad neighborhoods for expats in Jeddah, SA, you need to find yourself a home. If you haven’t lived in Jeddah or some other city in SA, it’s best to look for a place to rent first, rather than buying a home. Take your time to familiarize yourself with the city before you make any big step such as purchasing a property. Look for apartments for rent on reliable real estate websites and look for recommendations from the people you know or other ex-pats.


Once you move in, it’s time to explore Jeddah. DO some sightseeing to get to know the city better. This will also give you the chance to find interesting restaurants, the best supermarkets, and other amenities and start perceiving the city as your new home WhiteFamilybest places to live,hiring professional movers,moving preparations,moving servicesRelocating as an ex-pat is more complicated for various reasons. One of them is a lack of knowledge about a city you’re about to move to, which makes it harder to pick a perfect home and location. Even though Jeddah is considered to be a great city popular among...My magazine about Health, Homeimprovement, Garden, Travel and many more