Being a single mom is one of the most challenging roles. It takes a lot of responsibility for one person to take care of two or more people. This is why living in the best possible environment for you and your children is important. It will make everything so much easier. And one of the states worth considering moving to is Maryland. It is a very small state but it does have a lot to offer. There are plenty of cities for you to choose from, both small and big. And if you are interested in finding out more about it, this is the article for you. I have done plenty of research and I found which are the best cities in Maryland for single moms with children of all ages

Baltimore – the number one among the best cities in Maryland for single moms

Of course, the first city we mention is also the major city in Maryland as well as the most popular city. But it definitely deserves to be talked about before mentioning other places in this state. 

Baltimore is a coastal city with a very important port. This is where a lot of ships dock and sail from. Plenty of people visit Baltimore and plenty of goods are being shipped to this port. This means that this is a perfect environment for having a business of your own. But that is not the only advantage of living here. You will also be living in a very modern place with a lot of job opportunities. And for you as a single mom, this should be very important.

A view of Baltimore, one of the best cities in Maryland for single moms.
Baltimore is a great city for young single moms and moms with teenagers.

Baltimore is a city where everyone can find something that is to their liking. You will discover plenty of amazing pubs, bars, coffee shops, and other places where going out and meeting new people is possible. Your children, no matter what their age is, will also have plenty of fun things to do here. Parks

playgrounds, cinemas, arcades, etc. Here is where you will have everything you need. The best thing about Baltimore is that you have plenty of homes to rent. And you’ll easily
make your rental feel like a home when living near so many amazing home decor stores in Baltimore.


Next in line should definitely be Columbia. This is a town that is made of 10 self-contained villages. And moving to any of them as a single mom is a good idea. This is a town where the community is very close-knit. But what makes this place perfect for you as a parent is the fact that here is where you will find one of the best school districts in the country – The Howard County Public Schools. 

A couple of major companies have their headquarters here which means that the job market is very good with a lot of different job opportunities. But you will also need to take some time to relax as a single mom. And what better way to relax than by going to the pool for a swim? If you are somebody who enjoys that kind of relaxation, you will love living in Columbia. Columbia has 23 outdoor and six indoor swimming pools. This is not only fun for you but for your children too.

A woman drinking a coctail while enjoying the pool.
You need to live somewhere where relaxing is also possible and easy to achieve.

Here is also where you will find ice and roller-skating rinks that you can’t find anywhere. Playing miniature golf is also a great way to spend some quality time with your children. You can also just have picnics in nature and go hiking in the woods that surround you.


An amazing town called Bowie is also one of the best cities in Maryland for single moms. If you want your children to have amazing teachers in modern schools, Bowie is the town for you. Here’s where you’ll find plenty of both private and public schools. A lot of people have moved to Bowie with just so their children can have good relocation.

But this city definitely has a lot to offer. One of the things that can be said about Bowie is the fact that this is a very safe town. Crime rates are very low here which will make being a single mom with children much easier. This is a small town with not a lot of residents and hence why the community is very close. A lot of people would agree that this is the perfect environment for raising children. 

A girl studying.
A good education is very important.


If you are able to commute to work every day and you want to work in Washington D.C., living in Frederick is for you. This is a town that is located very close to Washington. This is unfortunately what draws the most attention to this town but it has a lot more amazing things to offer. For example, the housing here, even though i is on the more expensive side, is great. Houses are big and spacious with plenty of space around the house. For some, this is the most important factor – good housing. But moving to Frederick will allow you to discover why this is one of the best cities in the US for raising a family.

Moving as a single mom

Moving is a tough task in general let alone when you are a single mom. This is why you need to make sure that you have somebody who will take you to your new destination with all of your belongings. And all that without causing you a lot of stress. And the only way to achieve this is by hiring professional movers to help you with your relocation.

Professional movers make moving so much easier and faster. And this is how you want it to be when you are a single mom. You need to be able to provide attention to your children while also relocating the whole household. There are things you can do alone but at some point, you are going to need help. This is why hiring movers is an investment and not an expense. If you are on a tight budget, make sure you start saving money for relocation months in advance. But remember that there are ways for you to cut moving costs WhiteFamilybest places to live,finding a new home,moving preparationsBeing a single mom is one of the most challenging roles. It takes a lot of responsibility for one person to take care of two or more people. This is why living in the best possible environment for you and your children is important. It will make everything so...My magazine about Health, Homeimprovement, Garden, Travel and many more