Moving to your dream home in Toronto involves some preparation and a lot of thinking. What should you look for? What kind of amenities should you prioritize? What about the best neighborhood for you

or interesting restaurants and leisure locations? To help you on this journey, we have prepared a short guide on the city!


Amenities to look for

Home gym

With all the concerns the pandemic has left us with, going to a gym to blow off some steam is no longer as viable an option as it used to be. For this reason, home gyms have garnered ever-increasing popularity. If you are looking into a house, then an area where you can start your own gym is preferable. However, if you are looking for a flat, it is possible to find excellent common areas with private gym rooms available within the building. As a bonus, having a gym at hand is extra helpful when working off the stress of moving house.

A home gym

Pet space

The popularity of owning pets has skyrocketed recently. And if you want your pet to be happy, your dream home in Toronto has to have a convenient pet park nearby as well as allow the keeping of pets in the first place. The good thing is, the ban on pet-owning in apartment buildings is mostly a thing of the past, so that will not be an issue.

Dog inbox

Quality internet

Working from home is unlikely to become any less prevalent any time soon. In fact, it might only become more common due to its many advantages. However, this does mean that your dream home in Toronto will need to have everything you need to work effectively, starting with fast and stable internet as a basis.


Relaxation areas

Another preferred amenity is a simple, quiet area to relax. It can be a park near your new home. Perhaps a garden. Or even just a room you can transform into a personal entertainment haven. Having such a spot is crucial to maintaining a healthy mental state.


Roomy homes

Due to how much time we spend indoors nowadays, it’s important not to feel claustrophobic. And a roomy home will help at least alleviate some of the issues. So, if you want to move to a new home, pick something that will improve the quality of your life. Additionally, the experts from Professional Movers Canada advise that it is much easier to organize and execute a move if you have enough space in your home. There is more space for maneuvering, and you can play with the furniture layout until you find what works the best. You don’t have to get rid of your items or worry they may not fit.


Best neighborhoods to choose from

Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant is a neighborhood with relatively cheap housing, excellent security, low crime rates, and some of the best schooling opportunities. This makes it ideal for young families with an eye on their future. If you are moving with a newborn, this is an excellent option.

Mount Pleasant Road


If you love Edwardian and Victorian-style houses located in a picturesque, quiet neighborhood, then this is the location for you! The beautiful Riverdale Park is also an ideal location to relax and unwind, while the housing prices are still quite affordable.



Chinatown has a bit of everything for everyone! If you want to go shopping, you won’t be disappointed. Whatever you want to buy, you will find it. Availability of different amenities, variety of shops, and convenience such options provide are crucial when moving to a new neighborhood. Even if you are looking for moving supplies or similar items, you can get everything in one place. Time is our most precious resource, and if living in a neighborhood can save you some, go for it.

The housing ranges from relatively cheap to some rather fancy homes, too. And the many, many restaurants in the area are an incredible boon.


Lawrence Park North

Lawrence Park North is not just a quiet residential neighborhood in Central Toronto. Its excellent positioning allows for easy access to most of the city. However, this makes it the preferred home for the more affluent families, and the housing prices in the area are pretty high.


Downtown Core

If you are eying this particular neighborhood, you should look into ways to obtain enough money for a down payment first, since it is the most expensive on our list. Nevertheless, living here would allow you access to the very lifeblood of the city’s commerce, which can be very useful for business-minded individuals.


Amazing places to eat

Maple Leaf Tavern

Located at 955 Gerrard St. E, Maple Leaf Tavern offers excellent fine dining. All without the oppressive rules associated with upscale restaurants! If all you want is to relax and eat great food, this is the place.



Found at 1 Benvenuto Pl. Scaramouche typically panders to a wealthier clientele. Which does mean you will need to put on your best manners. However, their food is exquisite and well worth the expense.


Richmond Station

With a sterling commitment to local and regenerative agriculture, this restaurant located at 1 Richmond St. W. is a font of remarkable, organic cuisine. All the courses are innovative and delicious, too. It is somewhat upper-scale but still a much more relaxed destination than Scaramouche.


Goodfellas Wood Oven Pizza

If you want the best pizza of your life, then you need to visit 1 Old Mill Dr. The sheer variety of the pizzas they offer, including sweet options, is stunning. Picking out what you want in person is best, but they also offer delivery for the lazy bones out there.


C’est what?

If you’re down for a cozy atmosphere, excellent food, and even better craft beers, then visit 67 Front St E Downstairs! This restaurant and pub combo will blow you away with the quality of their service.


Final Word

In conclusion, there is a lot to consider when moving to your dream home in Toronto. But, if you carefully balance your interests and the needs of your family, then you will surely manage to find the perfect location for you! Just remember not to rush your selection of a home. Even if a place looks ideal at first glance, you might find something better later! Of course, it is crucial that all members of your family are just as satisfied with the home you pick in the end WhiteTravelHomeMoving to your dream home in Toronto involves some preparation and a lot of thinking. What should you look for? What kind of amenities should you prioritize? What about the best neighborhood for you, or interesting restaurants and leisure locations? To help you on this journey, we have prepared...My magazine about Health, Homeimprovement, Garden, Travel and many more