Almost every place in the world has something appealing to offer. In the range of states in the USA, there are many that are considered upscaled and promising. The western side of the country hides several

and California is definitely one of them. In your search for a new home, we suggest you check out Belmont. But, what’s so special about this city, and why choose to live in Belmont CA? Well, we are about to find out.

The location matters

Where you’d like to move to depends on what lifestyle you are looking for. However, in most cases, people seek a home in a nice quiet place. If you ask real estate agents the most-wanted combination would be not too far from the big city happenings, but still far enough for having relaxed everyday life.

A young girl studying a map.
It’s important where your new hometown is, and how it is connected to the neighboring cities.

In the city of Belmont that is exactly what you’ll get. It’s a mix of urban and suburban atmospheres. As a suburban area of San Francisco, Belmont ensures peaceful life with not so much hustle and bustle. On the other hand, whenever you wish to speed up your every day for a bit, in about half an hour you will be in San Francisco or Santa Cruz.

Choose to live in Belmont CA- it’s a city for everyone

Although, like in any other town, there are numerous different neighborhoods, in Belmont most of them are beautiful and friendly. They’re nicely organized all over the hilly landscape, preserving the feel of a quiet residential area. The place has a strong sense of community, and Belmont residents are mostly kind and very welcoming.

A family-friendly town

Belmond is pretty safe and very suitable for families. The schooling system is great, which is usually a crucial factor why people with children decide to move here. No matter which neighborhood in the area you choose, you’ll have a variety of high-quality public schools you can pick from. And you can easily relocate from one neighborhood to another since the local moving services are excellent. The hassle-free experience is possible, and you’ll be at your destination in no time.

Children enjoying a game with baloons in the park after they came to live in Belmont with their parents.
In Belmont, everyone will feel safe.

For both young and old

However, this town is not just a great place for moving your family house there. Belmont CA is a nice choice for everyone. The secure and comfortable environment with a healthy and active community makes it perfect for retirees, too. On the other hand, its location is also very suitable for young people looking for job opportunities. And, in case you don’t manage to find something in the city itself, the proximity to the San Francisco job market will definitely help.

The walkability- access to amenities

One of the crucial things that makes a place a desirable relocation destination its accessibility to amenities. Most people prefer having everything available in their own neighborhood, not very far from the place they live. Well, if Zapt Movers take you to Belmond CA, accessibility won’t be your problem. What’s more, some studies have shown that the walk score in this city is pretty high. That’d mean you will be able to get to most of the locations on foot.

When it comes to public transportation, on the other hand, it’s available of course, but having your own car is a bit better option for moving around the town.

Living in Belmont, CA

Although the costs of living in Belmont are a bit above the average, this city is still a very popular moving destination thanks to the quality of life it has to offer.

In Belmont, you’ll find stunning and unique homes, that vary in their styles and design. Most of them have attractive yards and memorable views. People in Belmont generally own their homes, too. And, if you want to compare this with some other popular neighborhoods in the states, on you may find much useful information.

Activities and things to do if you live in Belmont

Nature in Belmont is beautiful. Its green open spaces and foothills are widely known in the area. Despite its hilly landscape, Belmont still has numerous beautiful hiking trails where you can walk and enjoy nature. On the other hand, Belmont is also pretty close to the ocean, too. Within 20 minutes you’ll be able to have a nice family picnic by the water or have a relaxing day off.

A mother playing with her child at the beach.
Take the best of nature.

When it comes to the downtown facilities, Belmont also has several spots where you can spend your free time. No matter where you settle down, there will surely be cafes, restaurants, and interesting stores nearby. In one word you’ll have everything you may need in only one place.

And for your kids…

As we mentioned before, Belmont CA is a family-friendly city, and it thus has many various amenities for its youngest residents. Neighborhoods in Belmont are close to great parks and playgrounds. They offer numerous recreational facilities for both kids and adults. And, most importantly, those are places where children can play safely. Thanks to the very favorable climate, the weather conditions during most parts of the year are great, so you and your family will be able to spend days in outdoor activities.

In the area of the city, it is possible to find a number of preschools, daycare centers, as well as several medical institutions which will be especially useful if you decide to move there with your newborn. The city of Belmont really gave its best to help every new resident feels at home.

A new home search is not an easy task at all. The criteria of living conditions, house market, schools, everyday activities are only some you need to take into consideration in order to make a good decision. With this attempt of giving reasons why choose to live in Belmont CA, we tried to create a picture of the city for you. If it fits your criteria, wait no more and start the trip of your life WhiteTraveladaptation after relocation,best places to live,hiring professional assistance,moving preparationsAlmost every place in the world has something appealing to offer. In the range of states in the USA, there are many that are considered upscaled and promising. The western side of the country hides several, and California is definitely one of them. In your search for a new home, we...My magazine about Health, Homeimprovement, Garden, Travel and many more