Have you noticed how much time do you and your family spend on mobile devices? One minute you would be on your work laptop. The next minute you would be on your cellphone and the cycle goes on and on. Almost as if you are running around in circles while constantly being plugged in. Often we don’t have a choice because we have to work or educate ourselves online. While there are times we decide to detach ourselves from the real world on social media and countless other online platforms. At some point, you must put down your electronics and head outside. Especially in the Memphis area! There are countless fun and enjoyable outdoor activities to try. Here are a few you shouldn’t miss out on.

Why are so many moving to Memphis Tennessee?

Moving companies such as Spyder Moving are booking constant gigs to move folks to Memphis. Are you wondering why? Memphis is filled with spots that are excellent for your well-being. When you pair that fact up with an excellent economy and affordable living prices there is not much not to like in the town of Memphis.

If you are in Memphis these are the best outdoor activities to try

This is the perfect time to beat your sedentary lifestyle and head on over outside. Without noticing life can easily pass you by while you are glued to the TV or your iPad. The real fun starts outside. Especially, pet owners and parents must dedicate a nice chunk of their time to outside activities. When in Memphis there are countless activities to choose from. That is why we are sharing with you only the best of the best activities that you can do when you have the sudden urge to get moving.

a walkable street in downtown Memphis during daytime.
When you don’t have the time for a long activity outside, you can always head on outside and have a quick and enjoyable walk.

Give your bike a spin

Did you know that there are more than 60 miles of biking trails in Memphis? No wonder Memphis residents love to take those two-wheel rides. The best part boutthe majority of bike trails is that they are separated from the streets. Thus, you can let go and enjoy yourself without worrying about traffic around you. Oh wait, you aren’t a bike owner! No problem. There are plenty of bike stations all over the city where you can rent a bike for a day or just a few hours. Some of the best places for biking are:

  • Shelby Farms Greenline
  • Stanky Creek Trail
  • Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park
  • Big River Crossing

Keep in mind that there are many more. Also, be aware that not all bike trails are for beginners. Some are for extreme biking

such as mountain biking. Grab your bike and head on outside. It is an excellent way to battle anxiety and depression that are consequences of a stressful lifestyle.

 Take a walk in the park

There is a reason we say that something is a walk in the park. A long and relaxing park stroller can be exactly what the doctor ordered after a long day at work. You can have an even more relaxing outing by organizing a picnic in the park. On the other hand, if you are looking to be more active you can always opt for a nice jog or some sort of sports activity. In any case, being in the park will give you a more positive perspective on everything that you might have going on. Memphis offers lots of gorgeous greenery. For that particular reason, many young professionals and families are choosing to relocate to Memphis. In case you are one of them let experts transfer heavy pieces that you own, so you can look forward to enjoying all the beautiful greenery without the stress of a relocation.

We recommend you visit one of the following:

  •  Memphis River Parks
  • T.O. Fuller State Park
  • Greenbelt Park
  • Chickasaw Heritage Park
  • Cameron Brown Park
  • MLK Park
One of Our favorite outdoor activities to try in Shelby Farms Park is duck watching.
For those that find serenity when being next to the water, Shelby Farms Park is the ideal place to visit.

Enjoy the patio

You can’t be a true Memphis resident if you don’t enjoy the patio as often as you can. Cafes and restaurants used to be constantly packed. Especially their patios. With the start of the Coronavirus the situation has slightly changed, but it seems that things are slowly but surely getting back to normal. Nowadays it is more and more common that larger crowds give us anxiety. So you can always grab a coffee or lunch to go and enjoy it on your home patio. A little gentle sun on your face is exactly what you need to brighten up your day. While it is recommended to get moving and stay active during the holidays and after them, it is not a bad thing to sometimes just sit and have a breather.

a private patio with discrete but comfortable and pretty furniture.
Enjoying your private patio is also a great option. Often it can be even more relaxing than visiting a restaurant or cafe.

There is much more where that came from

While we covered some of the outdoor activities to try in Memphis, there are plenty more to consider. You can also visit an obstacle course, watch the sunset, visit the infamous Shelby Forest, go to the farmers market, etc. It is clear when it comes to Memphis, the sky is the limit when choosing something to do outside. Mix it up and choose a different activity at least during the weekend. It is a great way to keep your family together while doing something exciting and healthy. Don’t wait a minute longer and choose your next Memphis adventure. You will make memorable memories while staying fit and healthy

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