Moving to NYC to enroll in some of the world’s best colleges is a huge and important decision. There are definitely so many advantages of studying in this metropolis, but if you want to get the best out of it, you’ll definitely need some guidelines. Keeping up with the NYC lifestyle is not that easy

no matter which borough you decide to choose. And especially for the young people, who have just stepped into this completely new world. That’s why we decided to help. Today you’ll get to know life in Brooklyn. Through this simple student’s guide to living in Brooklyn, you’ll learn how to make the best out of this borough.

Living in a dorm will make things much easier

It is not just a coincidence that most young people choose dorms as their living option once they start their college life. Living in a dorm is special for many reasons. Not only will you be able to meet dozens of other young people with the same or similar interests, but you’ll also manage to live on a budget while studying.

What’s more, if you devote just enough time to giving your personal touch and thus decorate your dorm room, you’ll soon feel at home there, and you’ll start loving the place.

Students in a dorm.
Life in a dorm can be more interesting than you can imagine.

Choose the right neighborhood if renting

On the other hand, if taking a dorm room is not how you see yourself while living in Brooklyn, renting is yet another acceptable option. Here, the crucial thing is making a good selection. You need to define what are both your wishes and your abilities, and then find yourself somewhere in the middle. Rentals differ from neighborhood to neighborhood. So, make research and create a shortlist. Once you see what you can get, make the final decision according to your preferences. Thus, for example, if you are devoted to a healthy lifestyle and exercising, living near a park would be the best option. However, of course, the proximity to your college should be crucial.

And don’t worry if your flat doesn’t seem like big enough for all your belongings. You can always find a nice place for unnecessary items since NYC has numerous great storage units at your disposal.

Student’s guide to living in Brooklyn says finding a roommate will save your budget

Life in Brooklyn is expensive. And we don’t talk about rents only. Paying bills, buying food and clothes, and so many other expenses are also in the game. Thus, apart from all the money-saving tips you’ve already employed, finding a roommate is definitely the one every student in NYC should think about. This smart move will help you deal with the living expenses, of course. But, it would also be a perfect chance to get a bigger and probably a better living space.

If there is no chance you’ll find an appropriate roomie among your college friends, you can always try some of the already tested services such as Roomster or Perfect Strangers. Not only will you find a person who you can live with, but you may also make some great friendships.

Students living in Brooklyn studying together in a dorm.
Don’t let yourself feel alone.

Public transport is the best option

No matter where in Brooklyn you settle down, using a subway for getting around the borough is the best choice you can make. It is both cheap and efficient. Using public transport will save you a lot of money, and you can practically get everywhere you want in the shortest possible time. And don’t worry if you don’t have much experience in using the subway. In less than a month you’ll learn how it works and you’ll know all the lines by heart.

The only thing you cannot use the public transport for is relocation. But, no worries. In these cases, some of the best Brooklyn Movers New York will give you the best solution to every relocation issue.

Do not neglect your social life

It is true that your choosing Brooklyn as your new home was mainly because of college. And yes, college is important, and devoting most of your time to studying should be your primary goal. However, don’t forget that you should not neglect your social life either.

Making friends in a new environment will not be an easy task. That’s why you need to work on it. Create a schedule. Make daily plans for every single day of the week, and manage your time wisely. Always find enough time to hang out with your college friends and explore the city. Homesickness can be a serious problem, and hardly anyone manages to deal with it all by himself.

Be smart and ready to work

Living in Brooklyn will teach you several things:

  • Life is expensive.- That’s why you should always make sure you stay on budget. Make your living expenses your priority. And whenever you get a chance to save a dollar or two, do so. Make some savings and, from time to time, let yourself buy something special.
  • You should play smart and work hard to live NYC life at its best.- Keep a record of all the expenses you have on a monthly basis. And be ready to have a part-time job if you want to earn some extra money.
  • Use every single day to learn something new.- NYC is like a brand new book you are about to read. Make some use of everything this city has to offer. Soon, you’ll discover it gives lessons of a kind.
Brooklyn Bridge
Explore the borough and find your favorite places.
  • You may get tired of the whole hustle and bustle from time to time.- As our student’s guide to living in Brooklyn suggests, NYC is a great place for life, but you’ll definitely miss the peace and quiet of your home. Thus, make sure you pay a visit to your parents and old friends whenever you get a chance. Having a little break from NYC life will maintain your desire to come back to it WhiteFamilyadaptation after relocation,best places to live,hiring professional assistance,moving preparationsMoving to NYC to enroll in some of the world's best colleges is a huge and important decision. There are definitely so many advantages of studying in this metropolis, but if you want to get the best out of it, you'll definitely need some guidelines. Keeping up with the...My magazine about Health, Homeimprovement, Garden, Travel and many more