Essex County is a county in New Jersey. Situated in the northeastern part of the state it is the second most populated county in New Jersey and a part of the New York metropolitan area. In Essex County

you can find numerous cities, boroughs, and townships, and each of them is specific for its own reason. Today we will take a look at the top 6 places in Essex County according to millennials.

1. South Orange – a township in Essex County

If you are about to buy yourself a property in the state of New Jersey, South Orange might be the place you are looking for. It’s a small town with all the merits of the suburban atmosphere, but it’s busy enough to offer an active lifestyle. However, the advantage that most of the residents of this town like to point out is its proximity to the City of New York. The train and bus lines are good and well organized, and it’s easy to get to Manhattan in no time. What’s more South Orange is an excellent place to live in if your job is in New York, but you’d rather have a more peaceful life far from the busy New York streets. The neighborhoods are nice and welcoming, and the community is diverse.

A cityscape
Be close enough to the center of all happenings, but far enough to find your peace when you need it.

2. West Orange – another NYC suburb

Here is yet another town that is less than half an hour away from NYC. A safe and quiet suburban area, perfect for nice family life and raising children. People who live there say it is very comfortable and affordable for living. In West Orange, most people own their homes, and it is possible to find ones at a reasonable price. Newcomers who decide to come to this town to stay will have no problems making new friends. The residents of West Orange are kind, and their friendliness and diversity are the always winning combination. And, moving into this great township won’t be daunting either. Luckily, you’ll have experts by your side at any time, and they’ll help you deal with all the relocation troubles, and do all the work for you.

3. Nutley – one of the nicest places in Essex County, according to millennials

Nutley Township is the best investment for all those looking for a place with the perfect combination of urban and suburban lifestyles. It is calm enough to be a getaway from the big cities’ chaos, but still active enough to satisfy all your social life needs. Outside activities will be your favorite part of the day. Numerous parks, walking, and jogging trails. Fields for playing basketball, baseball, football. If you like being in motion, and you prefer recreation and healthy everyday routines, this is exactly where you should move to. Nutley has something for every family member, plus it is very clean. And if you are looking for a night out, there are plenty of restaurants and bars where you can have a great time.

A baseball game in one of the nicest olaces in Essex County.
You will love its open space and the opportunities for an active lifestyle.

4. Maplewood – a place that is becoming more and more popular

Maplewood is a town with lovely landscapes, safe and friendly environment, and a great downtown. There is always something happening in Maplewood. Festivals, live concerts, various community events. This is one town full of life and positive energy. It is pretty obvious why so many millennials consider Maplewood one of the nicest places in Essex County and decide to hire Gibraltar Van Lines and move there for good. This is one multicultural township and the community that accepts diversity and lives along with it. Residents in Maplewood are pretty liberal. What’s more, that may be exactly why all the people who come to this town for the first time immediately feel comfortable and at home.

5. Upper Montclair – derived from the French phrase for “clear mountain”

The fact that this township is very close to New York City, makes it very popular among the people who are saving money for their next relocation. However, apart from that, Upper Montclair is a very comfortable place to live in. It has a low crime rate and neighborhoods that are welcoming. The residents of the town simply love its outdoors. Beautiful parks, a lot of green space, walking trails, and sights to explore. And, when you step downtown you’ll have a chance to enjoy nice restaurants, shops, a public library, even a cinema. Upper Montclair has an excellent public school system and interesting activities for children of all ages. All of this makes the town an excellent choice for raising kids and enjoying family life.

Parents teaching their daughter to ride a bike.
Discover this nice family-friendly place.

6. Caldwell – a borough in the northwest

Caldwell is located some 16 miles far from NYC and only 6 miles from Newark, the Essex County’s seat. The not so huge population helped this borough develop a strong and pretty close community. However, it basically has everything a person can need. Great downtown and exciting nightlife for the young, and safe and friendly neighborhoods for the family-oriented people. Plus the system of public schools in Caldwell is really highly rated. Many young professionals decide to move to Caldwell, attracted by its conveniences. On the one hand, it’s so close to the great attractions and job opportunities NYC has plenty of. On the other hand, it also gives them the opportunity to settle down in a peaceful and friendly environment, and start a family there. And, another encouraging fact is that the average household income in this borough is a bit above the national average.

Final thoughts

Finally, in the end, it’s up to you to make your decision. However, now that you have a clear picture of what exactly this area of New Jersey has to offer, that decision should not be such a big problem. But, one thing is for sure, if you choose one of the top 6 nicest places in Essex County according to millennials, you will not regret a thing WhiteTravelbest places to live,hiring professional assistance,moving preparationsEssex County is a county in New Jersey. Situated in the northeastern part of the state it is the second most populated county in New Jersey and a part of the New York metropolitan area. In Essex County, you can find numerous cities, boroughs, and townships, and each of...My magazine about Health, Homeimprovement, Garden, Travel and many more