You can often hear discussions on parent blogs and school hallways between parents on the topic of raising kids in big cities. Opinions vary by a lot. But whenever there is a debate that concerns a big city, New York just cannot be left out of the mix. Many parents wonder what it is really like to live in Manhattan with kids. Certainly

there are plenty of pros and cons. However, you will have to decide on your own if the Big Apple is a suitable place for your kiddos.

Should you decide to live in Manhattan with kids you should be aware of these factors

There are plenty of suitable cities for raising a family. Still, New York has always been controversial when this topic arises. In case you are contemplating embracing the Empire state of mind and relocating to NYC, this is what you need to know.

Get ready to walk

If your walking shoes were in the closet for some time now it is time to bust them out. If you decide to live in Manhattan with kids, you will be sentenced to walking. For some, this is something to look forward to, while others dread this transportation sentence. Most of Manhattan has walkable areas and real New Yorkers prefer to walk, that is why so many have a great figure. So, think about it. Are you ready to jump on the walking bandwagon?

a guy walking around and getting ready to live in Manhattan with kids.
Manhattan has plenty of grounds that you can cover by walking.

Subway is a part of everyday life

In many parts of the country, public transportation is barely used. Consequently, everybody has a four-wheeler to schlep them around. New York is a definite exception to this rule. Since parking is not as available and very expensive, most New Yorkers don’t own a car. Thus, if you are moving with a newborn get ready to take full advantage of your stroller. The only inconvenience you might run into is taking the stroller down and up the subway stairs.

Grocery shopping and cooking in Manhattan

If you were hoping for a large and luxurious kitchen while you live in Manhattan with kids, think again. Real estate in NYC runs on the smaller side. Therefore, unless you spend major bucks on your new home you will most likely have a modest size kitchen in the best-case scenario. This is the main reason why so many have storage solutions that are handy and practical. It is the only way to make up for the extra needed space.

A girl rolling around a shopping cart in a grocery store.
Grocery shopping can be challenging in Manhattan, but there are plenty of open markets in a few neighborhoods that you can visit.

Not to mention grocery shopping can be a big hassle since most don’t drive. So, if you are big on cooking at home be prepared to put in the extra effort. However, don’t be discouraged. You might be cooking less but places that deliver in NYC are top-notch.

Manhattan school system

When you live in Manhattan with kids be prepared to become a stressful case when it comes to your kids’ education. The good news is that there are plenty of options. You can find everything from charter schools, private schools, public schools, schools for children with special talents, etc. What adds a lot to all parents’ stress is the application process. For many, the application process presents the biggest challenge. Waiting lists can be as long as you can imagine. You can be on one for months even years. So, arm yourself with patience when starting the enrolling process.

kids at school doing arts and crafts.
Manhattan offers some of the finest schools in the state of NY.

Manhattan is spectacular but very expensive

Are you wondering how much money you need to live in NYC? If you are you will not be too happy about the answer coming your way. The biggest expense all New Yorkers face is their homes. Both rental prices and selling prices of properties are extremely high. However, other expenses aren’t a different story. All NYC prices are well above the national average. Still, everybody living in the big city will tell you that it is well worth it. So, be aware that your move to Manhattan carries a hefty price tag.

There is plenty to do with your kiddos

In Manhattan, there is never a dull moment. Activities that you can do with your munchkins are endless. Almost all museums and other cultural establishments are kids friendly. Also, there are plenty of parks and other places that kids can enjoy. Most activities are free, so you don’t have to worry about breaking your budget. Not to mention that you can always visit the beach and enjoy the sun and the sand.

When moving to NYC hire professional movers

When moving with kids you have much more to worry about than families that are childless. The last thing you need is to think about packing and transporting your belongings. By hiring professional movers, you are giving yourself the chance to relocate stress-free within the area. As soon as you know your moving day’s date, book reliable movers and get that task off your do-to list.

Is residing in Manhattan a good option for your family?  

It is hard to say because everybody’s needs and wants differ. In general, to live in Manhattan with kids might not be the best option for all families. Yet, it sure has some great benefits. In the end, only you can know what the best choice is for your loved ones. Still, one thing is for sure. NYC is a one-of-a-kind place and living in Manhattan is living like nowhere else in the world WhiteFamilyChildren,family relocation,Healthy Living,hiring professional moversYou can often hear discussions on parent blogs and school hallways between parents on the topic of raising kids in big cities. Opinions vary by a lot. But whenever there is a debate that concerns a big city, New York just cannot be left out of the mix. Many...My magazine about Health, Homeimprovement, Garden, Travel and many more