You will undoubtedly hear that San Antonio is the best city for family-owned businesses. One study found that San Antonio ranks among the top ten cities for small businesses. According to research by WalletHub, San Antonio is one of the top 20 central U.S. locations in which to launch a new venture. So, if you are thinking about starting something here – you are onto something. Obviously, we will show you why this is such a good idea and who can help you out along the way.

#1 Let’s pull out the rank

San Antonio came in at number fourteen on the list of the company’s top fifteen most entrepreneurial places for small businesses in the USA. You need to know this if you plan to start a business here. This ranking we are talking about was determined by the city’s favorable business climate, amount of growth industries, and strategic location. New York City came in first place. Obviously, NYC is a much bigger place with more opportunities. Launch SA and the San Antonio EDIF (Economic Development Incentive Fund) contributed to the city’s inclusion on the list (EDIF). When it comes to starting a business, Launch SA is the place to go for advice on everything from product development to advertising, and EDIF is there to help companies secure funding. As you can see there are many benefits to starting a business here.

San Antonio and sunset
You should also know that San Antonio is a beautiful city and living and working here can be a great thing.

#2 This is also a great place to raise your family

If you are planning to open your family business here chances are – you and your family will live here. Well, you are in luck. This is a perfect place to raise a family. San Antonio is a terrific area to live because of its low cost of living, high safety rating, fantastic dining options, and laid-back culture. San Antonio is the cheapest big city center in Texas, and it also happens to be the seventh safest major city in the USA.

#3 The affordability

This is something many business love (families as well). This city is fairly affordable. That is always a plus. San Antonio has a cheaper cost of living than the rest of the United States. The living cost in San Antonio is lower than in other major cities in Texas and the United States. In comparison to the rest of Texas, living costs in San Antonio are lower by 4.2%. Chances are your rent won’t be huge even if you pick a hot location. That is always good for the business. You can start looking at property/offices for your family-owned business right now. has a pretty big base so start there and then you can call a realtor. Once you pick the right place you should call Evolution Moving to start packing for your relocation. Starting a business is not easy so finding adequate help is a must.

One person giving house keys to the other.
You will be able to afford a decent location.

#4 The IT crowd

There are many things you need to know about life and business here. One of them is that this location is quickly becoming a hot spot for the IT crowd. If your family-owned business is mostly IT then San Antonio is the best city for you. After all

they call it the Cyber City. In order to maintain our status as Cyber City, San Antonio seems to have the resources to do so. San Antonio has the potential to overtake other cities as the world leader in cyber innovation and data science if the city continues to collaborate and make sound investments. Additionally, our closeness to Austin and our emphasis on cross-functional teamwork make us an ideal partner for IT and financial firms.

#5 There is more room

There is a reason why a small business can’t easily make it in a city like NYC. There is no room for anyone more. It’s overcrowded, the rent is too high and you can’t bring anything new to the table. They simply have it all. A city like San Antonio has plenty of room for all kinds of businesses even though they already have over 34,000 small businesses. Also, renting here is not so expensive so chances are you will be able to get something for a decent price. Since we already mentioned above, we will stop here and focus on the last (here on our list) reason why San Antonio is the best city for family-owned businesses. If you decide to go for it and start your business here, know that you can always engage experts to help you with logistics, heavy lifting, moving, and settling in. Movers can make the whole process much easier.

A waiter serving food at a restaurant in the best city for famliy-owned businesses.
Their food industry is also booming.

#6 The whole process is easy

This city doesn’t have any special rules. Starting a business here is fairly easy and the taxes are low. Here you need to take seven primary actions before you may open for business. Establish a written strategy for your company. Then you will need to t to pick a spot for your company. Get some funding for your enterprise. First, you should choose a business name and legal structure. Find out what your company needs to pay in taxes. Identify what registrations and authorizations are needed. Discover what skills are valued by companies. What draws so many business owners to Lone Star State?  San Antonio and Texas in general as well as other locations with lower expenses of life and more favorable tax policies are attracting a growing number of technology enterprises.

Hopefully, this little guide helped you to get a better picture of what awaits you in San Antonio, the best city for family-owned businesses. We left you some reading material so you can continue your research later on. Make sure to check it out if you have the time. Good luck and surely San Antonio is going to be the best city for your business. Just make sure to get some help along the way WhiteBusiness & Marketingbest places to live,commercial relocation,hiring professional assistanceYou will undoubtedly hear that San Antonio is the best city for family-owned businesses. One study found that San Antonio ranks among the top ten cities for small businesses. According to research by WalletHub, San Antonio is one of the top 20 central U.S. locations in which to launch...My magazine about Health, Homeimprovement, Garden, Travel and many more