Many people relocate to New York every day. There seem to be many reasons for this. Namely, one of the crucial reasons is the popularity of the place and its nightlife. Another reason is New York City’s exciting culture. The city appears adventurous and exciting to young people. However

having a family changes a few things. The first thing is that you might not be interested in nightlife. Since NYC is famous for entertainment, it might be hard to believe, but it has some fantastic family-friendly neighborhoods and great housing options. If you are interested in finding the best NYC neighborhoods for young families, take the following places into account.

1. Upper West Side

Young couples with or without kids might look for a quiet neighborhood with some options for entertainment. The Upper West Side is well-known for being a family-friendly neighborhood. It is located between Central Park and Riverside Park, making it quite welcoming and friendly. The place has numerous playgrounds and a variety of cafés and museums.

a playground

Even though this area of New York City is quite huge, the Upper West Side has a small-town feel that appeals to families with young children. This is why so many young couples and families are looking for an apartment in this well-known area of New York City. Another reason why this area is one of the most popular NYC neighborhoods for young families is its diverse choice of schools. Some of the best schools in New York are situated on Upper West Side.

If you decide to make this neighborhood your new home and settle here with your little ones, hire professional movers before you even start thinking of moving to New York City. Whether you are relocating from another state or locally, asking for professional help will make the relocation simpler and smoother. Upper West Side is a busy place, and all relocations happen quickly. There is no time to waste or take a lot of time off work to execute the relocation.

2. Sunnyside

Sunnyside is located in Queens County and is considered one of the nicest areas to live in New York City. It is an urban place with several restaurants, coffee shops, and parks in Sunnyside, and many consider it perfect for families with children. Despite its size, Sunnyside is noted for its friendliness and laid-back atmosphere. Chatting with your neighbor and seeing a friendly face is a common occurrence here. Sunnyside is famous for its large number of families and baby carriages.


When it comes to the crime rate, Sunnyside has a crime rate lower than average. Moreover, it has a low property crime rate in comparison to the rest of New York City. It means that you and your family will be safe there. Furthermore, taxes in Sunnyside are pretty low, which makes this place very affordable. Although purchasing a house does not appear to be cheap, what you can do is get some professional advice and consider renting an apartment in New York City.

a mother, father, son, and daughter found the best NYC neighborhoods for young families.

3. Bushwick

Bushwick is a New York City neighborhood located in Kings County. The area has an urban vibe as Bushwick’s streets are full of graffiti, and there are many hipster communities. Although it might seem unconventional, this place can provide lots of fun for families and children. They can take a walk, enjoy the sunshine, and let their children play in one of the beautiful parks full of greenery. Furthermore, there are many playgrounds, restaurants, and cafes in Bushwick.

If you fall in love with the unique charm of this place and decide to make it your new home, hiring professionals to handle the relocation would be the wisest idea. You will not have to spend days and weeks on your relocation. Instead, you can begin exploring your new neighborhood immediately.

4. Forest Hills

Forest Hills is one of the greatest areas in New York City for families, located in Queens, NYC. It is famous for green spaces and great restaurants. It is pretty close to parks such as Forest Park and Flushing Meadows-Corona Park.

This place is known for good quality and reputable educational institutions too. Some of them include Forest Hills Montessori School, The Kew-Forest School, and Queens High School.

Moreover, Forest Hills is also one of the greatest areas in New York City to buy a property. Forest Hills might be a perfect choice if you want to buy a property instead of renting one.

property for sale.

5. Battery Park City

Battery Park City is one of the nicest neighborhoods in Manhattan. One among many reasons that make it one of the best NYC neighborhoods for young families is a spectacular view of the Statue of Liberty. It is a tranquil neighborhood with many parks, such as West Thames Park and Teardrop Park.

This place offers an outstanding landscape, fantastic restaurants, and a low crime rate. Another advantage that attracts families is that there are many good-quality schools.

Final thoughts

Finding a perfect place to live is challenging, and even more so if you have to make a choice for your family members as well. Even though it might be difficult, bear in mind that there are various NYC neighborhoods for young families. Since every family is unique, they have different requirements. Therefore, the first thing you should do is determine what your family needs most. Then, you can choose a neighborhood appropriately WhiteFamilyfamilies,neighborhoodMany people relocate to New York every day. There seem to be many reasons for this. Namely, one of the crucial reasons is the popularity of the place and its nightlife. Another reason is New York City's exciting culture. The city appears adventurous and exciting to young people. However,...My magazine about Health, Homeimprovement, Garden, Travel and many more