Relocating to a new place with children can be pretty tough, especially if you are a single parent. There will be a lot of adjusting bot both you and your kids, no matter where you choose to move to. However

if you relocate to a place that suits you the most, everything will be very smooth. We guarantee it! Here, in our article, you can find some more information about top Ottawa neighborhoods for single parents. So, without further ado, let’s dive deeper into what they are.

Alta Vista

First of all, there is Alta Vista. This Ottawa neighborhood has excellent educational opportunities. It has to offer both elementary schools and high schools with dedicated teachers and very good conditions for kids to develop their skills and learn as much as they can. Also, Alta Vista has churches and amazing parks that are just ideal for spending some free time. In addition, neighbors here know one another pretty well. They are all also very close which makes people feel safe. And surely this is one of the reasons why this neighborhood is excellent for raising a family.

Alta Vista is among the top Ottawa neighborhoods for single parents for great schools.
Alta Vista is among the best Ottawa neighborhoods for single parents thanks to the amazing educational opportunities and dedicated teachers.

Kanata is among the best Ottawa neighborhoods for single parents

The second place that we will mention here is Kanata, a very peaceful and safe suburb in Ottawa. Regardless of whether you have teens, toddlers, or even both, Kanata has very good schools and daycares that parents who live here find extremely satisfying. Plus, this suburb has to offer great homes for both buying and renting so you can choose what works for you the best. Once you’ve found a perfect home for your family, and are looking to settle into your new home easily, you should definitely consider hiring local movers in Kanata to help you out. Moving into a new home is never simple, especially if you are alone with kids and you must think about everything on your own. Don’t make the mistake of going DIY. It won’t work out for the best, trust us.

The Glebe

The third neighborhood in Ottawa that the majority of single parents prefer is the Glebe. This place is very urban and you will be able to buy anything close to your home if you choose to relocate here. Importantly, the Glebe in Ottawa has mostly single-family homes that you can buy or rent. Furthermore, if you opt for buying a place that is not in such great condition, you should decide whether you want to renovate a house or build a new one.

A home.
The Glebe has amazing family homes.

Hiring a professional moving company when relocating to one of Ottawa neighborhoods is a must

Moreover, when relocating with your kids as a single parent it is of high importance to have real experts by your side to guide you and help you out. Moving is a process that consists of many tasks, such as organizing, planning, packing, transporting, and many others and just one person should not handle all of those on their own. Definitely, it would be too stressful, especially if taking care of the kids all the time is inevitable because of their age. Therefore, if your children are still little and cannot take care of themselves or help you out with some of the moving tasks that are more simple, hiring a professional relocation company will save you both money and your nerves. We advise you to check out Professional Movers Ottawa and see if they have to offer all the moving services that you find necessary when it comes to your family move.

Barrhaven is one of the great Ottawa neighborhoods for single parents

The fourth place that we highly recommend for single parents is Barrhaven, a suburb in Ottawa. It has to offer Catholic schools, private schools, and public schools that are very highly rated. Plus, it is important to mention that Barrhaven has numerous parks where you can spend wonderful weekends with your children. And also relax on your own when possible by taking a dog for a walk, jogging, or simply walking and enjoying the sunshine. This suburb in Ottawa has many nice playgrounds for little kids. And homes that are for rent are very pet friendly. 

A park.
Barrhaven has many parks.

Hunt Club is one of the best Ottawa neighborhoods for single parents

Finally, there is also Hunt Club, a suburb in Ottawa that has to offer wonderful homes for people with children. People here are very friendly, welcoming, warm, and ready to help which makes all newcomers feel very safe. In addition, Hunt Club is a very diverse place where you will be able to meet people from different ethnic backgrounds if you decide to relocate here and have a fresh start with your kids. Plus, we have to mention that with diversity comes very delicious food from all parts of the world. So, having a family lunch with your kids in one of the restaurants nearby can be an amazing experience.


In conclusion, there are many Ottawa neighborhoods for single parents that are truly amazing and have a lot to offer. To begin with, Alta Vista is a neighborhood with good schools, nice parks, and friendly residents. Then there is Kanata, a very safe suburb in Ottawa with wonderful homes and great daycare. Furthermore, the Glebe is a very urban neighborhood that is offering many beautiful single-family houses. We should not forget to mention Barrhoven again for its magical parks and excellent educational opportunities for children. And, of course, there is Hunt Club, a suburb with friendly people that is very diverse and has amazing dream homes. No matter which one of these places you choose to move to with your kids and have a new beginning, each of them is very special, safe, and ideal for families WhiteTravelbest moving destinations,moving with kids,neighborhood,Travel tipsRelocating to a new place with children can be pretty tough, especially if you are a single parent. There will be a lot of adjusting bot both you and your kids, no matter where you choose to move to. However, if you relocate to a place that suits you...My magazine about Health, Homeimprovement, Garden, Travel and many more