There are many things a newcomer should know about New York City. Starting with the specific lifestyle

and the opportunities it has to offer, to the potential difficulties one can meet. But, above all, every person who comes to live in NYC should know where to look for a home. Once when you choose the borough, there comes the hunt, no matter whether you are renting or buying. This time we decided to give a helping hand to some of you. Take a look at our simple guide for first-time renters in Manhattan.

What you can afford

With your first steps in the rental property hunt, you will meet the first shock. Renting in New York City is everything but cheap. Especially when we talk about its most popular borough, Manhattan. In fact, it may even be more expensive than you can imagine. Although the offer is wide, it is sometimes pretty hard to satisfy all the requirements and still stay on budget. And, when you add the inevitable moving expenses, you’ll figure out you’ll need a good financial management plan.
You should make it clear how much money you will be able to give for your rent on monthly basis. Once when you define your budget, that sets the first criteria that will make your rental hunt a bit easier.

one of the first-time renters in Manhattan doing some calculations
Find something that will be good for both you and your budget.

Never refuse help

At this point, having a friend or an acquaintance who already lives in Manhattan would be wonderful. No one could know the renting situation better than a local. On the other hand, having a real estate agent by your side can be very helpful as well. Although it may seem like an additional expense, hiring a professional in the field can not only speed up the process but can also raise the chances of finding an affordable option that suits your needs. Just be sure you make it clear what kind of property you want, and what you can afford.

And finally, when the relocation moment comes you should get experts to assist you, and help you solve all the potential problems. The moving process is not something you should do all alone, and Manhattan local movers are excellent and can be very helpful.

Define priorities – important step in the guide for first-time renters in Manhattan

Even though the price of the rental will definitely be the deciding factor, you don’t have to accept everything and at all costs. What you should do is to determine your priorities. You may not be able to get everything you have imagined, but make sure you know what is negotiable, and what is not.

Thus for example, if you are new in Manhattan, it’d be nice to know how safe the neighborhood is, and that’s especially important if you have children. Then, check how noisy it can be during different parts of the day, and finally if it’s pet-friendly. On the other hand, the apartment’s interior should not bother you too much. In fact, that’s something you can manage and change whenever you want. With several interesting and cheap home improvement ideas, you will make any place look perfect.

Make quick decisions

Yes, you may see dozen of living places in Manhattan, until you finally make your decision. However, this is not the moment when you should overthink. Once when you visit a place in a safe neighborhood, that seems nice and you can imagine yourself living there, don’t let yourself miss it. It is true that such a serious decision deserves some thinking, but keep in mind that the more time it takes, the bigger are chances someone else will rent it instead of you.

A person showing a watch.
Your clock is ticking, don’t spend too much time thinking.

What’s more, after getting the situation in the real estate market, and the constant influx of people in the neighborhoods such as Manhattan, it won’t be bad if you are ready to make a deal at any time. That implies having the necessary paperwork with you all the time, and a certain amount of money just in case your landlord asks for a deposit. Finally, if you really want to do everything the right way, be ready to book your Manhattan Movers NYC as soon as you make a deal. This is especially important if you are moving during the busy season when the moving companies are not so available.

A letter of recommendation

For some landlords, this is a must-have. A letter of recommendation is a paper that your previous landlord can give to you, and which tells several crucial facts about you as a rentee and a neighbor. By this, your future landlord wants to find out whether you’re noisy or quiet, tidy or untidy, responsible or careless. But, above all, they want to know whether or not you are used to paying your rent on time. So, if you are a first-time renter in Manhattan, but you’ve already lived in a rental property before, make sure you ask your landlord to write you a letter of recommendation before you leave his place.

Some additional tips

  • Get ready for some serious negotiations. Making some research about the situation in the real estate market in the area will be very helpful.
  • If negotiation skills aren’t your strong point, let someone do it for you. You’d be surprised what an experienced real estate agent can do for you. Thus, find a good one.
  • Make sure you read every document carefully before you sign it.
  • If it’s possible, conduct your move during the winter season. The weather conditions may not be perfect, indeed, but your relocation costs will be lower. Plus, moving companies are more available during that part of the year.
A professional showing a document to one of the first-time renters in Manhattan
You’re never too careful.

Finally, the most important point of our guide for first-time renters in Manhattan- be patient. With patience as your strongest weapon, and these little tips, finding a perfect rental property will come faster than you can imagine WhiteHome Improvementbest places to live,choosing a place to live,hiring professional assistance,moving preparationsThere are many things a newcomer should know about New York City. Starting with the specific lifestyle, and the opportunities it has to offer, to the potential difficulties one can meet. But, above all, every person who comes to live in NYC should know where to look for a...My magazine about Health, Homeimprovement, Garden, Travel and many more