The Bronx is one of the five New York City’s boroughs – there is also Manhattan

Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. And, if you know anything about NY, you are familiar with the fact that the Bronx was the least favorite among ex-pats in the past. However, the situation is drastically changing nowadays. This is because this borough has many things to offer – job opportunities, great education possibilities, a lot more affordable household options, plenty of green spaces, etc. And, what is more, Manhattan is just a short ride away. If you like what you hear, why not consider moving to the Bronx? Here are some amazing Bronx neighborhoods you should know about. Keep on reading and prepare to be positively surprised.

1. Kingsbridge

Kingsbridge is, according to many real estate agents one of the most wanted Bronx neighborhoods. It offers access to Harlem River on one side and the Van Cortlandt Park on the other. These two places are always full of people, especially on the weekends. So, be sure that you will not lack greenery. And, when you get tired of that, you can visit the street called Broadway where you can find tons of bodegas, grocery stores, diners, coffee shops, pubs, and anything you need to have fun.

So, as you can see, you can get all the fun of New York but avoid hefty price tags. Yes, you heard it correctly – Kingsbridge is more than affordable! The median rent price for a one-bedroom apartment ranges between $1,400 and $1,700. So, believe it or not, but moving into your new home stress-free, in New York, is now possible.

The bridge in one of the Bronx neighborhoods.
In Kingsbridge, you will be able to experience both the nature and the hustle and the bustle of the big city.

2. Mott Haven

In the past, Mott Haven was a neighborhood mostly designed for factories and warehouses. But, that too, has changed over the years. Nowadays, Mott Haven is still full of factories but is also full of people who came there to start their own businesses. So, the people walking through the streets of this neighborhood are mostly young professionals and recent graduates. Moreover, the reason why those particular people are there is that rent is quite cheaper here – around $1.600 per month. However, the apartments are relatively outdated still, so prepare yourself for some DIY home improvement.

And, of course, Midtown, Manhattan is only a half an hour drive away. But, not every part of Mott Haven resembles a concrete jungle! Quite the contrary. This neighborhood has access to a couple of really charming parks full of recreationalists, kids, and animal-lovers.

3. Highbridge

The previous two neighborhoods in the Bronx were more suited to college students, young professionals, and recent graduates. However, the neighborhood of Highbridge is perfect for families, seniors, or those who simply want to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle. In here, there are not as many clubs, bars, bodegas, and similar.

People here mostly appreciate spending time on the bank of the Harlem River, or in one of many parks situated here. Just a couple of minutes outside of the Highbridge, you can find Grand Concourse, a place full of museums, art centers, and art galleries. The Yankee Stadium is also very near, so do not be surprised when you see a lot of fans or even tourists on the streets of Highbridge. All in all, if you enjoy living far away from all the hustle and bustle, feel free to call Tik Tok Moving and Storage NYC and to relocate to Highbridge.

The Yankee Stadium.
Highbridge is situated just west of the Yankee Stadium.

4. University Heights

As the name suggests, this Bronx neighborhood has a university vibe. Bronx Community College takes up a lot of land here. So, it goes without saying that this city is mostly occupied by college students and recent graduates. That means one thing – amazing entertainment options! There is everything one may imagine – clubs, pubs, bars, coffee shops, shopping malls, etc.

However, this neighborhood, unlike the other, has some beautiful views as it is very hilly. You will be able to have a perfect view of Manhattan, New Jersey, and the Harlem River. Another thing that is definitely worth mentioning is the affordability of the Univesity Heights! Finding a two-bedroom apartment with a dorm room decor for less than $1,500 a month is possible here.


Two couples walking in the park.
If you want to live in a neighborhood that is young and hip, University Heights could be just right for you.

5. Hunts Point

Last but certainly not the least amazing among Bronx neighborhoods you should know about is Hunts Point. Much of this area’s land was owned by the Tiffany Family until the Second World War. Because of that, this neighborhood was not residential but mostly used as a vacation spot for wealthy Manhattanites and other well-standing New Yorkers. Nowadays this neighborhood is great for investing, so seeing many newcomers is nothing new. Many people are also coming here in order to start their companies too!

So, it can easily be said that this, relatively new neighborhood, is great for people of all needs and walks of life. Besides being a great place for living and starting a business, here you can enjoy a previously mentioned vacation lifestyle too! Moving to Hunts Point is, in a way, the same as moving to a beach town on a budget

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