Select your cool wedding destination for unforgettable wedding day!

Cool Wedding DestinationsThe cool wedding destination are romantic dream for everyone. There is an old saying” Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth.” Such a thoughtful sentence and still so true even in modern times. Marriage is still the most celebrated occasion in a person’s life. Everyone dreams of a larger than life wedding. The only difference is the ideas of marriage. Till a decade ago, unconventional marriage was a very rare things. But with the changing time, the human mentality is changing rapidly. Now people are opting for more unconventional places rather than regular ones in order to make their wedding memorable. It is actually a good idea because marriage is something that should be according to the way you want it.

If you search on Internet for wedding destination or wedding themes, you will find thousands of sites offering information on weddings locations. However there are many wedding destinations considered as best destination weddings. Places like France, Italy

Hawaii, Los Angeles are some of the hot favorite destinations.
But then these are places chosen by others. When it comes to your wedding, you and your partner are the best person to decide to where to marry as it is your grand occasion. Besides unforgettable wedding day, you can experience paradise and honeymoon. Don’t forget to including a day spa to your honeymoon.

Below given is a list of places most opted by people for their marriage:

  • unforgettable wedding destination HawaiiHawaiiHawaii has been long favorite in couples when it comes to popular wedding destinations. This place offers such a majestic view that will make your wedding a life time memory. With the presence of beautiful beaches on your side makes it a beautiful picture for the life time. You can take your vows beach side. All you need to do is to decide on an out of a sight beach. There are thousand of wedding planners in Hawaii who can provide complete wedding packages with all expenses covered. You can have a fairy tale wedding on any of the beaches of Hawaii.
  • Amalfi coast, ItalyHaving a wedding in centuries old church and grand wedding party on the picturesque beach is an experience and memory of life time. Italy is one of the most romantic countries of the world and is quite a sought after place for marriages. This place is declared world heritage sites for uniqueness of its natural landscape and unparalleled beauty. The view here is so heavenly that you will keep on coming back to this place to relive memories.
  • Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Cabo is a famous wedding destination for beach wedding. With the presence of endless stretch of white sand beach, endless palm trees and staggering cliffs provide a picture perfect back drop for a the occasion of wedding. As this place is hot among couples, there are many marriage planners operating in this area that will make your wedding a perfect wedding in accordance with all the plans you had for your wedding.
  • wedding destination MauritiusLizard Island, Australia A perfect wedding destination to start the union of two souls called marriage. Surrounded by powdery beaches and land scape of natural habitat, there can’t be any other better place for marriage than this. This least populated island has all the factors needed for an ideal marriage. You can get all the facilities required for marriage. Imagine getting married on a beautiful beach, having a grand marriage party in the pavilion and watch the sun go down in the crystal clear water sipping some of the finest Australian wine.
  • Mauritius : This island also called as ” the island that inspired heaven.” so is the beauty of this place. Mauritius is the best place to start a new married life. It is a remotely located island about 500 miles east from the Madagascar. This place offers sugar white glittering beaches, endless palm tress complimenting the beaches, lush green mountains and cobalt blue water. Sounds like heaven isn’t it but that Mauritius is. With the presence of all kind of luxury hotels and resorts , be rest assured that if you are planning your wedding in Mauritius , then it is going to be a grand one. Mauritius is one cool wedding destination for your memorable wedding SimeonovTravelDestinations,Travel,Wedding Destinations,Wedding tipsSelect your cool wedding destination for unforgettable wedding day! The cool wedding destination are romantic dream for everyone. There is an old saying' Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth.' Such a thoughtful sentence and still so true even in modern times. Marriage is still the most celebrated...My magazine about Health, Homeimprovement, Garden, Travel and many more