The Thumb Sucking Does Have Some Potential Harms For Your Child’s Oral Health

Thumb sucking may appear a beautiful act but it does have some potential harms for your child’s oral health.

The sight of a child sucking their thumb is as beatific as it can get. It’s pure bliss, something most parents rejoice, albeit secretly. However, thumb sucking is also a concern for a good number of parents as the habit comes with its own drawbacks. Worried parents often approach the dentist or seek medical consultation in regard to this very habit as they want their little ones to get rid of that at the earliest.

That good part is, most kids often stop thumb sucking fairly early even before it reaches the stage of causing severe damage. And if they continued for long, it would impact their teeth and bite in one way or other. On the whole, this whole thumb sucking thing is actually a natural reflex and children use it as a self-soothing technique. It can only become problematic if a child does not stop the habit before the age of 3 or 4.

Are your concerned with your child’s thumb sucking habit?

It’s natural for parents to feel concerned at their little one’s habit of sucking their thumb non-stop. They know it might be bad for oral health.