Can you imagine spending your days in a quiet area on the shores of a large lake? Walking your pet in the tranquil surrounding where both of you are overwhelmed with joy. In a place where you can watch birds dashing and tilting through the sky, all day long. On a foggy morning, you can recognize sailboats bumping the dock and occasionally hear ship horns going off in the distance. While in the evening, you can enjoy the sunset and witness how water turns from pale blue to deep blue, as the night is crawling down. As shown above, it can be quite picturesque living on Lake Ontario. For the most part, it can be quite a paradise. But to fully understand all its perks and flaws, let’s share a bit more about it.

Things you need to know about living on the lake Ontario

At the base of Niagara Falls, you will find the smallest of all the Great Lakes. Smallest only for the surface area, but its waters are running very deep. This fathomless lake, together with St. Lawrence River and a part of Leak Erie, is making the entire border between Ontario and New York. From Ripley in the U.S. all the way up to Cornwall in Canada. A great number of lagoons, bays

and wonderful beaches, truly compound livability here. Once you move and start over in this province in Canada, you will quickly get used to the ocean-like feel it provides. Finally, the summer heats will never be intolerable again, although you do have to prepare for somewhat cold winters. But sleeping with open windows in summer, while listening to the sound of water hitting the shore, is very well worth it.

Weather on the Lake Ontario

On contrary to popular belief, living by the lake doesn’t necessarily mean cold weather. Yes, the cold breeze coming from the water can influence the weather. But it’s almost the same as in many inland places. If it’s going to snow, it will snow even south in southwest Virginia. And, when it snows, it’s rarely something you might call heavy weather. Otherwise, the weather is just great. While early mornings may seem cloudy, it quickly clears up. For the most part, you can have bright and sunny days throughout the entire year. As for the summers, just bear in mind the fact that, occasionally, Lake Ontario gets more sun than NYC and even Miami. It allows you to spend a fair share of your time improving your backyard on Lake Ontario.

Crystal clear sky above Lake Ontario in summer.
You can expect to see the unbelievably clear sky in summer.

Lake effect

There is something called the “Lake effect” that people experience when living by the lake. In the winter, the cold air is hovering over warm water. It catches the vapor from water which results in creating clouds. Rarely, it can cause concentrated snowfalls. In the summer, it’s the opposite. The warm air is moving over cold water which gives you a crystal clear sky.

It can be a good investment

In Ontario, Lake Ontario shore is often referred to as the southern coast. And when you look at the prices of properties in the “southern coast”, you won’t be surprised. There are many places with premium and relatively high prices. However, you can always find an affordable offer if don’t aim at the largest cities, like Toronto. Nevertheless, the waterfront property will always be a sound investment.

A few boats near Lake Ontario shore with the building in the background.
Everything near water might be a sound investment.

Whether you plan to move there, use it seasonally, or making a profit from renting, it’s a great opportunity. From mansions to wooden lounges, there is something for everyone’s taste. And, unless you are in a village, the abundance of stores and restaurants is a completely ordinary thing. Which, in general, contributes livability even if your property is not directly on the shore.

Wonderful large places for living on the lake Ontario

With a strong economy, good weather, and wonderful nature, Lake Ontario has to offer you many incredible places. You can explore all the possible ways to move to some of them on the website. Depending on your requirements, you will easily find the best fit. However, some places just stand out:

  • Toronto – it’s Canada’s biggest and most multicultural city. Famous for its shops and restaurants, you can find a wide range of eateries with cuisines from around the world. People are mostly friendly, welcoming, and generally willing to give you a hand. And they all like to spend hot and humid summers out of the city, along the lake.
  • Mississauga – is the sixth-largest city in Canada and part of the Greater Toronto Area. Besides the great school system, it’s often addressed as the safest city in Ontario. This desirable city offers lakeside living combined with a rich history and culture. You can expect rich wildlife in parks, and plenty of biking, jogging, and hiking trails.
  • Hamilton – is also a large city in proximity to Toronto. Thanks to the low rents, it’s been attracting more and more people each year. The beautiful surroundings combined with spacious properties are making it ideal for families with kids. Overall, this extensive waterfront area offers almost everything for those who enjoy mild weather.
  • Kingston – on a halfway between Toronto and Montreal, you will find this northernmost city on this list. Always developing, always upgrading, this waterfront city offers a lot to its residents. From rich cultural life to wonderful nature, many families are finding their homes here. One more thing, drivers will enjoy the lack of traffic in Kingston.

Nature around Lake Ontario

Wherever you have a lake in Ontario, you can expect rich wildlife. In general, Lake Ontario provides habitats for many coastal residents as well as migratory birds. From various birds like swans, ducks, and eagles, to rare and common fish species, Canada lynxes, and others. For people, the natural elements and the surrounding environment most positively impact their health. Certainly, living near water creates specific conditions that drive us to be more physically active. And also, the water usually gives us the calmness much needed for the sake of our mental health.

Wonderful sighting of a beach in the wild.
Lake Ontario provides a perfect habitat for many wildlife.

The rare drawback

The only serious downside of living by the lake, in general, can be flooding. Globally, depending on the temperature disturbances on a large scale, some lake areas might be prone to floods. Likewise, it’s good to have this in mind when checking the properties on the market. On the other side, the government and people are taking all the necessary measures to mitigate the negative effects and potential dangers in the future.

With over a hundred beaches, it’s no wonder many people are considering living on Lake Ontario. After all, over nine million people are already there. It can be cold in winter, it can be hot in summer, but it can be great at any time of the year. Usually, it just depends on your preferences, but if nothing else, you should at least give it a try WhiteFamilybest places to live,family relocation,hiring professional movers,moving on a budget,moving preparationCan you imagine spending your days in a quiet area on the shores of a large lake? Walking your pet in the tranquil surrounding where both of you are overwhelmed with joy. In a place where you can watch birds dashing and tilting through the sky, all day long....My magazine about Health, Homeimprovement, Garden, Travel and many more