How to Keep Your House Free from Fleas in summer

In summers

millions of fleas set to your house, increase and it becomes terribly difficult to free your house from this little crawlies. While living in Washington State I to have to deal with spider, beetles and especially ticks in the summer as the climate is relatively hot and humid. I am not worried about contact with insects but fleas and ticks (bloodsucking) insects are a totally different story.

following are few easy tips to avoid and eliminate fleas in summer

Fleas and ticks are bloodsucking tiny little crawlies that infests easily in warmer areas and can hatch in 7-14 days. Having flea infestation at home is not only distressing but also harmful to human health. Flea prevention is much easier than to get rid of. Especially if it is summer and infestation is serious a visit to a store for anti-itch cream and a flea bomb will not be enough. However, following are few easy tips to avoid and eliminate fleas in summer.

Eliminate Flea and ticks From Garden:

If you have ever tried getting rid of fleas in summer you must know that how important is to not letting them set up a camp at first place. Therefore, start taking action from the root, if you live in a house with a garden there is probably a greater chance of getting fleas and ticks. To avoid the risk of this crawlies keep the shrubs trimmed and grass mowed because untrimmed grass appeals fleas and give them chance to increase. In addition to this, try pyrethrin dust. Pyrethrin dust is made from pyrethrum flower it acts as a