Organic pest control recipes can be practiced at home or in your organic garden.

Organic pest control recipes can be practiced at home or in your organic garden.

Here are some basic do it yourself Organic Garden” target=”_blank” rel=”-“>Organic Pest Control recipes and garden tips for your home and garden.

Mites and Green Aphids

Mix 1 cup of vegetable oil and 1 tablespoon of liquid soap.
Dilute a teaspoon of this mixture into a cup of water and pour into a spray bottle. Then spray mixture on aphids and mites.

Cockroach Repellant

Place bay leaves on pantry shelves, and behind appliances this can help in warding off these bugs. You may also try crushing these leaves into a powder and spreading it where you have seen the cockroaches.

Recipe to deter Aphids, Mosquitoes, and Onion Flies

This recipe creates a garlic based organic pesticide spray. Take 3 to 4 ounces of chopped garlic bulbs and soak them in 2 tablespoons of mineral oil for one day. Take 1 pint of water and dissolve 1 tsp of fish emulsion into it then add it to your solution. Stir solution. Strain the liquid into a glass container and not a metal container. Dilute 1 part solution to every 20 parts of water into a spray bottle. Spray this garlic organic pesticide on aphids, mosquitoes, onion flies to kill and repel them.

Deter Rabbits:

A good rabbit deterrent is often pepper spray but also consider a wire fence around the perimeter of your garden. Sprinkling red and black pepper on the ground around your garden plants may also work as a deterrent. Another remedy is bath powder with talc sprinkled around your garden.

Lavender Bags

Lavender is a deterrent to mice, ticks and moths. Place some dry or fresh lavender in mesh bags and places where you have seen pest activity. It also can attract butterflies.


Fresh Mint deters fleas

ants, mice and cabbage butterfly
. But please don’t plant it near parsley.


Oregano repels cabbage butterfly and cucumber beetle if planted near broccoli, cabbage, cucumber, cauliflower, and grape vines.


Rue repels flies, and deters cats and dogs. Plant rue near strawberries and fig trees it will deter pests like files.


Use tansy to repel ants, flies, fleas and moths, its great near fruit trees. Crush the tansy leaves and rub it on your dog or cat’s fur to repel fleas.


Thyme deters cabbageworm when planted near cabbage, collard, and broccoli.


The wormwood plant itself is a deterrent against slugs and snails. Wormwood can be made into an effective herbal insecticide spray against slugs, snails and caterpillars. To make wormwood insecticide spray, simmer leaves in at least three pints of water. Strain, cool and store in glass jars. Then add to a spray bottle and spray around your garden. You can also add soapy water to increase effectiveness of this spray.

Chilli Spray

This chilli spray may be useful for organic pest control chewing insects and aphids when sprayed directly onto the insect. It may also be used to deter feeding predators. To make the spray blend 40 fresh chilli peppers in 1 liter of water. Add 5 grams of pure soap flakes to the chilli mixture. The add solution to a spray bottle and spray directly on chewing insects and aphids.


Molasses can be used against nematodes. To make a molasses spray, mix a little molasses (2 tablespoons) into a 1 liter of water and then add 1 tablespoon of liquid soap. Once mixture is combined add to a spray bottle. This molasses spray may deter grasshoppers and caterpillars. Molasses is effective when applied to the soil to control nematodes.

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