Always Tired? May be your Lifestyle is csuse for chronic fatigue.

Chronic fatigue natural remediesMillions people on the world today suffer from chronic fatigue and many more continue to ask “Why am I always tired”? It is frustrating and discouraging to be tired all the time. Many just assume that they are tired because of stress, lack of sleep or a hectic lifestyle. For some of these sufferers, being tired continually actually has more serious underlying causes. Getting to the root of the problem requires that they eliminate fatigue forever. Fatigue is more than just being tired, it often involves the feelings of weariness, lack of energy and lethargy. Being chronically fatigued is different from the normal persons tired, which experienced only from time to time. Fatigue for most people lasts for a few days and can easily be cured with more sleep.

When fatigue is ongoing and lasts more than a few weeks, it is an indication that the body is not functioning properly. There are several factors that contribute to this condition such as hormone imbalance, poor nutrition, chronic infections, excessive stress, cardiovascular and respiratory problems, adrenal gland depletion

anxiety and depression.

Deficiency in essential nutrients will lead to an impaired immune system, increased risk for disease, and fatigue. Consuming nutrient deficient foods that are also toxic to the body will put the body in a state of stress and fatigue, so it is best to avoid processed, refined or “fast” foods. Improper diet can lead to eating disorders, weight gain, and digestive problems aside from constantly tiredness.

The old saying “if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it” is more true than people realize, especially when it comes to fitness. A sedentary life style can put body parts in a state of deterioration and lead to chronic tiredness. Studies have shown that inactivity leads to organ deterioration, and activity can reverse deterioration.

Stress, poor diet, and lack of exercise can lead to cardiovascular and respiratory problems which are also associated with chronic fatigue symdrome. Oxygen is essential to maintain optimal energy levels. When the heart and lungs are not working effectively, oxygen levels in the body will be lower than necessary to maintain proper energy levels. Conditions that are not as serious, such as allergies, asthma, and hay fever can also cause respiratory conditions that can be associated with being tired all the time.

Inadequate sleep can lead to chronic fatigue as well. Sleep disorders caused by anxiety, depression, malnutrition and lack of exercise are especially dangerous. Another cause my be excessive mind stimulation later in the evening. Its a good idea to engage only in relaxing activities for an hour and a half before bed. Drugs, too much caffeine, and use of other stimulants can also lead to sleep disorders. Sleep apnea can drastically reduce sleep quality and lead to chronic fatigue.

Metabolism controls energy levels and disorders with the thyroid can cause chronic fatigue. Without adequate hormone production, the metabolism slows and becomes sluggish, allowing weight gain to set in. These conditions are associated with hypothyroidism, a condition that affects millions people on the world.

Stress, depression, and anxiety all lead to chronic fatigue. All of these disorders interfere with quality of sleep and therefore with lead to chronic fatigue. Chronic stress can put additional stress on the adrenal glands and lead to a serious condition called adrenal fatigue. An unhealthy mind leads to an unhealthy body. When the mind is under excessive stress, eventually all the major organs of the body can become impaired and cause sever physical exhaustion. Regular exercise and healthy diet along with supplementation are all very effective at reducing the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.  Massage therapy also can help in the treatment of depression and the overcoming of chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue has many causes. Causes are nearly always result of an unhealthy lifestyle. Lifestyle changes can be made to restore energy and maintain it for a life time SimeonovHealthHealthly,LifestyleAlways Tired? May be your Lifestyle is csuse for chronic fatigue.Millions people on the world today suffer from chronic fatigue and many more continue to ask “Why am I always tired”? It is frustrating and discouraging to be tired all the time. Many just assume that they are tired...My magazine about Health, Homeimprovement, Garden, Travel and many more