Know your galleries: Where to sell art in Dallas

The DFW area has around seven million residents and a wide variety of museums and art galleries. Its vibrant art scene is worth exploring even if you’re not interested in the market. But

if you wish to buy or sell art in Dallas, you should know your galleries. Dallas galleries feature artworks ranging from traditional fine art to contemporary. You can buy or sell paintings, sculpture, glass art, prints, photography, western and southwest art, etc.

But, before you start, you should know which art venues are the best and which ones fit your style. Not every gallery is a good match. This is as important as finding the right professionals to relocate your cherished art with ease. Whether you’re just looking, collecting or selling art in Dallas, here are some of the most notable places to check out.

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Top galleries to sell art in Dallas

  • Roughton Galleries, Inc has been in business for over 44 years. It is committed to exhibiting and dealing in the finest 19th and 20th-century paintings of the highest quality from the United States and Europe. Roughton Galleries, Inc is also renowned for its scholarship and supporting research in both American and European art.

  • Galleri Urbane is a chic gallery located in Marfa and Dallas. It’s been a leader in the promotion of contemporary art since the year 2000, supporting emerging as well as mid-career artists. It sells contemporary pieces by artists such as Stephen D’Onofrio, Liss LaFleur, Donald Martiny, and others. Most pieces are priced between $1,000 and $5,000.

  • Cris Worley Fine Arts, located in the Design District, also promotes contemporary artists at different stages of their career. The gallery offers art from the likes of William Cannings, Shannon Cannings, Rusty Scruby, and Timothy Harding. Although much of the artwork costs more than $1,500, some pieces are priced under $1,000.

  • Ro2 Art Gallery located in the Cedars, a district in south Dallas, offers a wide choice of artworks. It sells contemporary paintings, works on paper, and sculpture. Local artists who’ve had the honor to display their artwork here include Adam Benjamin Fung, Brandon Thompson, Aimee Cardoso, and Brian K. Jones. A lot of artworks cost under $500, but the gallery also sells more expensive pieces for experienced art collectors.

  • Texas’ most enduring fine art gallery, Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden, was opened in 1954 in North Dallas where it stands to this day. This Modernist-style gallery offers 19th and 20th century art, Early Texas art, as well as contemporary art by both rising and accomplished stars. The majority of pieces are estimated between $1,000 and 5,000, although some are available at a lower price.

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  • Established in 2012, Giddens Gallery of Fine Art is located between Dallas and Ft Worth. The gallery showcases the work of selected professional artists representing a wide range of fine art media and styles. It supports both up-and-coming and well-known artists. Most pieces are two dimensional, but the gallery also features three dimensional works in metal, clay, minerals, glass, found objects, stoneware, and wood.

  • Another amazing gallery where you can sell art in Dallas is Jen Mauldin Gallery. Located in the heart of Dallas, Jen Mauldin Gallery sells a variety of painting, sculpture, photography, and mixed media works of art by some of Texas’ best emerging and accomplished artists.

  • Barry Whistler Gallery presents a wide range of mediums and works by national as well as local artists. Although it’s been on the scene for over thirty years, this art gallery remains fresh, modern, edgy, and a little dark. Its pieces cost over $1,000, a lot of them reaching $5,000 and over.

  • If your artistic style is “glam,” Samuel Lynne Galleries are the perfect place for you to sell art in Dallas. The works sold in this state-of-the-art, award-winning gallery are contemporary, sexy, and colorful. The prices are higher, with very few works under $10,000.

  • The Erin Cluley Gallery is located near Trinity Groves and offers a selection of modern artists from North Texas and the East Coast. This intimate, contemporary gallery has been committed to supporting artists working in traditional as well as alternative forms, including painting, photography, sculpture, new media, sculptural installation and public intervention.

  • Kettle Art Gallery in Deep Ellum has been promoting emerging and established North-Texas artists since 2005. Over the years, the gallery has presented over 200 exhibits and received many awards and recognitions. Its eclectic and affordable selection offers artworks that are available for under $500.

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  • Conduit Gallery is an unpretentious gallery in the Design District established in 1984. It presents a range of contemporary works by names such as Michael Roch, Marcelyn McNeil, Margaret Meehan, and Jeff Gibbons. The gallery supports artists working in a wide range of media – painting, sculpture, photography, etc.  The majority of pieces cost $1,000-10,000.

  • Carneal Simmons Contemporary Art is another gallery located in the Design District. Like most galleries on our list, it promotes creativity and innovation through the placement and exhibition of contemporary works while playing an active role in the city’s arts and philanthropic community.

  • Deep Ellum Art Co. is more than a gallery where you can sell art in Dallas – it is also a creative space, a performance venue, and a bar that offers delicious food and drinks. The place is known for promoting local artists and hosting affordable art markets on Sundays – it even encourages artists to create in its backyard.

  • PDNB Gallery: Specializes in photography but occasionally features other forms of contemporary art.

Art Fairs and Markets

  • Deep Ellum Arts Festival: A major event in the spring that attracts numerous artists and art lovers.

  • Cottonwood Art Festival: Held twice a year, it’s a juried show featuring artists from around the country.

  • Urban Artist Market: A market showcasing all types of fine art and fine craft.

Coffee Shops and Restaurants

Many local cafes and restaurants support the arts by displaying works from local artists. Examples include:

  • Ascension Coffee: Frequently features local artists on their walls.

  • Houndstooth Coffee: Known for rotating exhibits of local artwork.

  • The Wild Detectives: A bookstore and coffee shop that hosts art events and exhibitions.

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